02 May 2010

melon cauli baby

One good-sized slice = one cup = one serving
7 grams of 'net' carbs per 100 grams of cantaloupe...
About 13 grams of carbohydrates per cup
Here's a "Carb Counter" link!
*flash* in the pan
roasted peppers, tomato and onion 
balsamic vinegar, evoo, and mrs dash
It was so good, I bit myself...
(On the tip of my tongue.)
Once the bleeding stopped, I was ok!
Gluten-free snack from the LoCarb Bakery!
6 grams net carbs per bar/serving
Hard as I try - 
I am making progress - that's what counts!
Seen here in my Medium scrubs!

Monster w/ protein x2
Cantaloupe slice x2
Snack pack of peanuts
Two eggs w/ cheese.
Ham slices w/ cream cheese
Coffee w/ heavy whipping cream
Gluten-free, LC Trail-Mix bar....omg....
My neighbor asked me if I would go off my diet "just once" to go out for dinner.
I didn't know how to respond!  I'm not on a diet, per se....
I just don't eat alot of bread, or potatoes, or rice, or sugar. 
Or cokes, or candy, or cakes, or ice cream.
That part does sound like a "diet." Or just common sense.
"OH!" he exclaimed, "Nothing white." 
Well, sorta. It seemed to be a fair enough trade-off for me...
Not eating those things, just for now, to gain my health back.
My health and other things, like being happy!
Now, they have LoCarb breads, pasta, and sweeteners. 
Some of which didn't exist 5 years ago. 
Many have greatly improved in quality. 
Some of which aren't a bad substitution on ANY plan.
LoCarb (for me) is not just about what you don't eat, or "can not have."
You can have anything! Some things just work better than others.


  1. By the way - I wasn't "tempted" AT ALL to "cheat."
    Like they say, you only cheat yourself.
    There are SO many good LoCarb options you can choose (or modify) even when you go out to eat!

  2. Your food looks delicious.
    How can it be a "diet" when it's so good?

  3. Exactly!
    My point exactly, Miss Sheilagh.

  4. I cringe when someone asks me that!! This is becoming ME!!! ME, how I eat, choices I have made ...... and eating out is not as tough as it used to be....... errrr.... no bread or chips on the table please.....

  5. Ended up, I didn't go...
    Although a salad would have been nice.
    I've only had ONE salad that I couldn't have made better at home.
    A Bohemian Salad at a little Tea Room in a charming little town.
    Musta been the company at the time, too! ☺

  6. Even your phoons are slimming! That WAS a very charming little place. I'm finally drinking the tea I bought there and it's very good.

    It's kind of crazy isn't it? That eating well is considered outlandish and restrictive. That feeding ourselves well is "deprivation".
    pffft. It's nice to know the real "secret" isn't it?

    Have a great Sunday, Anne!

    I finally found the missing slips for my 2008 taxes!!! They were in exactly the place I told myself I needed to clean up next! Kismit.

  7. Most "programs" these days are all pointing towards the same thing anyway...lean proteins, fruits, veggies, whole grains, no refined carbs, sugars, etc. It only seems to be called a "diet" when it isn't how you are used to eating. It is funny how we need to find a label of anything we find strange or unusual to ourselves.

    While I've eaten cauliflower many times before, I only recent dissected a fresh head of it myself...it was more challenging than a head of broccoli, but got through it just fine. Made Gobi (Indian flavored cauliflower)...turned out good.

  8. It sounds like in addition to watching carbs, your diet consists of variety and good visual too. And the key as I see it from your pictures is portions are controlled by weight and size. I am glad to hear you speak of eating a certain way to be healthy and the bonus is reducing size of the body and the clothes.

  9. It's definitely not a diet! It's great eating :)

  10. Karen - a good name for a blog - The World According To Kismet!
    The "secret" you speak of could probably also be applied to many other areas in life, as well...

    Kyle - I think it's true, too...Most "programs" share core principles and truths... aside from marketing.... and personal preferences...

    TechnoBabe - Thanks! Some LC people are so OCD that they tend to ram it down people's throats. *yikes!*
    I've always said I'm not on Atkins per se!
    Perhaps it should be called LOWER carb or Smart Carb or something....
    it's not just beef jerky and hard-boiled eggs anymore!

    SpunkySuzi - it really is!
    Just. great. eating.

  11. The first picture scared me...I thought it was a wild, fire-breathing dragon.

    I really enjoy looking at the foods you eat since they are usually the same things I love.

  12. i've often thought of this.. can i "live" this for the rest of my life? Cause if I'm doing something different now than how I expect to be able to live the next 40-50 yrs.. how will I keep it off?

    Anyways... that's just how my brain is working of late.

    The first melon pic is scary.. reminds me of the "Kraken" in Pirates of the Caribbean.


  13. Fear not, O Bloggers - I shall save thee!
    No need to fear the Cantaloupe o' musky melon doom!

  14. Hi, Anne,

    Thanks so much for the award. I'm feeling a little melon cauli myself these days. Mood swings seem to be on the rise. So, it may be a few days before I can shake off this funk and THEN I'll be really excited, I just know it.

    That melon does look a little krakey...yikes!

  15. Thank you for the award, so sweet of you. I would love to eat as healthy as you, well I could if I were more disciplined. I think your meals look really good and you look great...Hugs

  16. You do low-carb right! Everything always looks so satisfying and yummy.


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