13 May 2010

onomato - peon

Dried dehydrated veggies...

Oh brother, where "Art" thou?
Many office parks have little ponds and walkways - 
a great way for office workers to spend lunch hour

Is it Life or is it Art?


These wind sculptures move with the breeze

RedLine w/egg white protein x2
Salad, Atkins bar
Chicken, not hamburger!
Monster, Coffee, 
Atonement for One, please.
Hope you are well, and having a great day!

I like the RedLine Extreme Energy Drink
It is - without any doubt - the strongest energy drink I have ever tried.
And I try a new one every time I find one!
If I had to choose between RedLine and Monster, I would mix them together!
But only half a bottle at a time. And not on an empty stomach.


  1. First word....
    Six syllables....
    Sounds like.....

  2. those veggies look yummy..

    you do live in a very artsy city. I did not know this about Dallas. The pile of colourful 'things'.. are they some sort of electronics? remote controls? I'm curious...

  3. I am so not used to the energy drinks that I would probably have high blood pressure with one drink!
    Ya think? The sculptures are so interesting. Fun.

  4. The artwork you find as you travel around Dallas is truly amazing!! How fun it must be to find a new and interesting sculpture without even trying. We have a huge sculpture garden here, but it is a destination "outdoor gallery". It'd be much more fun to just run into these things randomly. Very cool.

  5. I'm surprised those sculptures aren't covered with happy children playing on them-- especially the goats!

    I wish I had the nerve to try the energy drinks. My heart races of I have a 1/2 can of cola, I can only imagine the racing I'd feel on the big stuff.

    Happy almost weekend!

  6. Many beautiful sculptures. Love all the art. They put art in traffic circles here, but I'm too busy going round and round to take a picture.

  7. Yeah - when I see something beautiful,
    Which is all the time...
    I pull over, if I can. Or make a note to go back.
    There are so many beautiful things everywhere you care to look!
    Wish you were here!

  8. Fun places, fun sights! It is great thing in life to take the time to stop and see what is around you.

    We tried some of those veggies chips last year and they were Amazing!


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