24 May 2010

off the top of my head

Tried to sell my collection of quarters....
All I could get was 25 cents each...

Business doubles when the "C" burns out....

Only "to go"

It should say "Snookie's" 
But the "S" is gone so it's "Nookie's"

 Downward Facing Dog...
Stood on my notebook until I petted him.

As the Sun's Chariots make their way across the sky....
...all is right in the world....
...for now...

Monster w/ protein
Coffee, water,
It was good to have lunch today!
Cleaning, Laundry, and Sleep in the A/C!
Lost almost 5 pounds - mostly water- but hey!


  1. You always make me smile :) Thanks!!

  2. Way to go Anne, I love that dog. You make me smile too. Love all your signs. too funny. have a great week.

  3. Now those are some funny signs. I really like your new hat!

  4. Anne, your comment made me laugh...Windshor??? Poor Queen Victoria...she is probably not amused...but I sure am!

  5. What a great post, tonite!! Made me smile BIG...lol. Have been "down" last few days... sugar outta control....35# to lose...OLD...OLD...did I say feeling OLD? LOL
    I so enjoy reading your posts....they somehow always make me feel sooooo much better. Tomorrow a better day I'm sure.

  6. Condoms To Go-- Seriously?!?!?! That's a crack up.

    Hope all's well Anne-- Enjoy the A/C


  7. aww, puppy!!

    my friend Megan makes Green Monsters. I was thinking of doing my own low carb version, since spinach is *the* new breakfast food apparently :)

  8. Twon - hey guy!
    I should have been more specific. From now on, I will be.
    Not a Green Monster!
    Not me!
    I drink a Monster Energy Drink....the low carb version....
    I put protein in it.....either whey concentrate or isolate....

    I do like spinach, though....

  9. Hey there! Thanks for the comment. Somtimes I need to be reminded that I already know the answers to my own problems. I'm really the only one that does.

    Thanks....and great pics, as usualy!

  10. serioulsy you crack me up... first nookie, then shag, its like... a sign!

  11. Only 25 cents for your quarters? What is the world coming to?

    Where I grew up there were a chain of funeral homes. An Italian name, they were pronounced, "Amigoany." However, it was spelled, 'Amigone'.

    Glad all is right in your world.

  12. I love coming here Anne, you always make me smile.......:-) Hugs

  13. You make me laugh. It's always fun here at Carb Tripper!

  14. Thanks - that's what she said!

  15. Yo Anne, I like your pictures of your area today. Condoms to go huh? Otherwise they would be a by the hour motel? Funny. Love the pic with your plate on your head. If you get a chance to check out my blog today, I am sharing an award with you on today's post if you so choose to accept it. Hugs.

  16. it's good thing you explain the signs.. i thought it said rookies, then noticed the S, and thought Srookies?? What's Srookies? then I thought of cookies.

    pretty dog.

  17. Of course the condoms are to go...would you want to use them there? Yikes. They needed to partner with Carousel Motel.

  18. Hi. I found my way here courtesy of Technobabe. I'm so glad. These photos were a hoot. Thanks for sharing.


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