26 June 2009

ain't misbehavin'

loads of fun

These are my shirts, just drying in the summer sun.

My "boring" summer challenge is now well underway. You don't remember a challenge? I guess it was so boring and low-key that I forgot to mention it. Boring in a "good " way.

The challenge that wasn't there.

The challenge, for me, is this - a year from now, I will look back on THIS summer and say that THIS was the most boring summer ever!

This will be the summer that I made it happen!

No drama, no meltdowns (other than the summer heat!) No bingeing. No screaming at the Universe "Why did I eat that ...again?" No reasons to cheat - when in the end, I only cheat myself. (yeah, in the "end" lol)

By now, it's not all about the weight loss. One pound, or twenty. I just want to "eat the right thing." This is a long-term lifestyle change for me. Not a summer project.

Bouncing on the rebounder even when I would rather do something else. Eating my eggs-n-stuff even when I would rather have something else. Getting enough sleep at night instead of staying up late. You know, those kind of changes. Wholesome? Goal-directed?

I am learning to increase my tolerance for frustration. And learning impulse control. So far, so *yawn* good!


  1. wow, i love terms like impulse control, delayed gratification, stress tolerance threshold. all those goodies ive never had. good thoughts anneh!

  2. I blog such utter nonsense because the true-life day-to-day would put people to zzz-land. I get up early, eat right, exercise every day, eat right some more, go to bed early. Repeat repeat repeat. I could do my daily diary with a xerox machine.

    Boring may not be sexy, but it can be pretty d*mn effective.

  3. i could use some impulse control learnin' myself... good luck on your goals

  4. I received a serendipitous and eye-opening lesson in impulse control after a botox experience that went slightly awry. It was intended to quash a muscle spasm inside my throat, but the toxin leaked a bit into surrounding tissue which drastically reduced my ability to swallow. For nearly 5 months, I was unable to swallow any food unless it was chewed about a 100 times and washed down with small sips of water. I really didn't want to go on a liquid diet or blend my food, so I adapted. I was shocked to discover that I had hardly been chewing my food at all! And since it took so long to eat, I was full and tired of chewing with much less food at each meal. I'd say my food consumption dropped by at least half. The 'grab and go' method of eating on the fly was finished; no more eating in the car. Best of all, the behavior modification stuck after the effects wore off.

  5. GREAT POST! Go for it! And next summer-- a year form now, I'd like a comparison shot of your shirts on the clothes line. I'm SURE it will be an impressive comparison.

  6. laundry on the line is one of the joys of summer for me ... especially crawling in to bed at night on fresh-smelling-hung-outside-to-dry-sheets.

    losing weight is what happens when you're busy making other plans ...

  7. Jack is right, boring isn't sexy but it's effective. Good luck with your challenge! I enjoy your photos, and agree with previous comment about the smell of sun-dried laundry.. one of life's little joys. (Which I won't be experiencing for a few months, because it's midwinter here in NZ.)

  8. And soon you won't want the cruddy stuff. It's not worth it after all that you have done to lose the weight. Good luck!

  9. Those may look like shirts but they are in fact pirate flags! You're declaring war on your old way of life, Matey. Independent of weight, that's a profoundly powerful move to make. I hope you feel proud of the change you're making.

  10. Aye be Gar! And Harry, these size 2X shirts ARE just about as big as a sail - at least for a Spinnaker!

  11. I loved "increased tolerance for frustration". If I am frustrated I eat....out the window goes the impluse control.

    I call inpluse control....delaying gradification.....lol


  12. I made it happen all right...the most boring summer ever....sheesh!


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