08 May 2010

show me the monet

Water lilies
Art is all that in Dallas Tx
One effing thing after another....
Fill your head with empty ideas
The transparency of man and grid
A wave of modernism
Also on video

My order came from Netrition today
All stocked up for summer
The Egg White protein is good w/ sf flavoured syrup

Monster, coffee, water
Egg White Protein with Caramel sf syrup x2
Hamburger with Cabbage mix
Cashews, Atkins bar...
And a salad is planned for dinner!
Finally "real food" not Car Food!


  1. I'm 99.99% non-conflicted and ready to go!
    Being a non-perfectionist, I'll take it!

  2. Thanks for the art-attack! BTW - I like your new banner. Did you take that pic?

    Off for a bike ride -- finally.

  3. Artsy without the fartsy. I love it.

    It looks like Dallas is putting on her prettiest face today, Anne.

    It's good to see veggies on the menu. You know we all worry. Well, some of us fret.

  4. Ooooh, a good one, Lee!
    I DID take the pic, thank you!
    With very few exceptions, I take all the pics on my blog.
    Enjoy your (safe) ride! Don't be a stranger, eh?
    *think: sleigh ride*
    Come on, it's perfect weather for a bike ride together with you!

    And Miss K - Dallas is aching with beauty these days....
    Craving only to be shared...
    Artsy Hart-sy! ❤❀♥✿♡❤❀✿♡

  5. Great art! Very jealous. What up with that Netrition junk? Teach me your low-carb ways.

  6. I must say I am enjoying the tour around Dallas and all the pictures. It has been a long time since I have been there. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Wonderful pics. What a beautiful city you live in!

  8. Dirty yolk--I love puns (although I just heard that they are considered the lowest form of humour--think it was a Jeopardy question!)

    I LOVE your photos :)

  9. Beautiful pics as always. I love art!

  10. Anne, I love all the artwork, especially the video of the wave thing...very cool...you are a great photographer you know. some of your picture blow me away. take care,

  11. what ARE those 3 lumpy things??? You certainly make Tx look very inviting. Your pics are always amazing.

    You know that veggies/fruit can be car food too, right?


    A co-fretter.

  12. I ♡ Dallas like the Red Hot Chili Peppers love LA!
    Well, I love LA, too. But I don't live under a bridge.

    About the picture of the giant mesh-grid head.....
    What you can't see, is that off camera, there was a dance troupe doing a photo-shoot!
    About 20 college kids from SMU were jumping around, posing in mid-air!
    It was soooo cool to see....

    ...and by the way ... the salad I just had was wonderful!
    Fret no more! ...but thanks for your concern.

  13. Glad your making friends with the veggies again :) They missed you!
    Love your artsy fartsy pictures.

  14. I think Dallas looks beautiful, I love all the art.....am glad your incorporating veggies into your diet......Big Hugs.....:-)

  15. Hey Anne, I went all the way back to your Army photo post to catch up from being swamped and out of town.

    You've been busy! Your photos are all terrific (and so's the video of "the wave")

    You are doing such a great job and looking so fabulous-- I'm thrilled for you. And even better you're "99.99% non-conflicted"! AWESOME.

    Enjoy your weekend and keep moving forward!

  16. Yep!
    Best Advice I ever got - from a broken door in an airport...
    "Please Move Forward!"


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