18 May 2010

marbles lost

Lotus petal tea (unsweetened, of course!)
Splendid - or Splenda depends on who you ask.

"Lunch" at a tea room of a Buddhist Temple.

Thought it would be good for my caffeine withdrawals.
And the environment would be gentle and soothing.

I dropped a marble and it rolled all around the floor...

A couple of guys were laughing - 
I started laughing, too.

I guess Buddha laughs, too.

Didn't eat the cookie.

Day 3 of "less" caffeine.
Just a sip or two to stave off the inevitable.
It's not my intention to quit altogether.
Just cut back to a reasonable amount.
Does it have to be all or nothing?
I think not!

However, I can't be too quick to blame my angst and belligerence
on the caffeine.  It only amplified the thoughts that were in my mind.
And that is where the "real" work starts!

I haven't worked full-time in my usual job since August last year.
Too much time off, I guess. So I'm back tomorrow...
We'll see how it goes...it's all falling back into place..
Well, almost all!


  1. Moderation??? Is that what's it called? I know I've heard the word before. :)

  2. I like that flowering tea, it's pretty to look at. Never tried it though, cause it kinda freaks me out and I oppose all new things! Still...looks pretty.

  3. Modest-nation?
    I'll get back to ya on that one, VRaz!

    Tricia - (both!)
    I went there and had the tea precisely so it would be a new experience.
    And pretty. I wish I could have stayed all day.

  4. Whoa...from energy drinks to nothing, huh?

    I've been on water or green tea since last November...it can be done.

    I haven't even had decaf coffee (because of my usual desire for cream and sugar) until my in-laws visit...that first sip was orgasmic...but...I haven't had it since.

    My coffee maker is back in St. Louis and I'm not going to buy another one here!

  5. Awesome pictures! Good job on not eating the cookie:)

  6. Oh i love flowering tea :) I can't believe your cutting back on caffeine, no more power drinks?? Good for you! I need to get to water and green teas :)

  7. I love that picture of the tea. At least you only dropped one marble, heh!

  8. There is always something different on your blog. It is fun to stop by and see what bit of humor or what interesting story you are telling.

  9. It really doesn't have to be all or nothing, but my meter was set way too close to "all" than to "nothing". Now I don't drink any sodas and only have coffee every once in a blue moon. I feel much more in control of myself, and the caffeine has a much more powerful effect on me when I do have it. Anyone who doesn't think it's a drug doesn't know what he or she is talking about...

  10. Yeah, Jack,
    I was ready to choke the Shit out of someone!
    Imagine that!
    I didn't like how I felt after I drank TOO, TOO much.
    Not jittery - just not my sweet, old self.

    What I could tolerate a year ago, now is a personal whipping 70 - 75 pounds less....grrrrr!

  11. Good Luck going back to your work, Im sure you will be fine.
    Good for you cutting back on caffine, I can't have any after 2pm or I am unable to fall asleep very well. If I go without completely though I get horrible headaches......:-) Hugs

  12. i drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the mornings.. and that's it for the day. If i have caffeine after lunch.. i'm up til all hours.. like right now.

    if I skip my joe one day.. i get the headache to prove it. I know it's a drug. and I'm not sure i'm ready.. but i also know i can't drink it past 11 am.. otherwise we pay.

  13. The tea looks lovely. I've been trying to drink more tea lately. I forgot how much I missed it. Seems you are doing well.

    Good luck with getting back to work ...

  14. Good luck Anne with getting back to your old job, hope all goes well...remember you told me it does not have to be all or nothing....lol. The tea room would have been lovely. My tooth is out, yeah. take care, have a great day/

  15. Are you alive? That can be a tough one.

    I'm really caffeine sensitive. I have a little with my warmed milk in the morning. If I have any after 4-ish, I'm up half the night.

    My hormone stabilizer had caffeine in it. I switched to just black cohosh. Works just as well and no buzz. I think it made me crash sometimes. Plus, it costs 1/2 the price. Major bonus.

  16. Glad to hear you're cutting back on the caffeine-- but not stopping completely-- That would be brutal. Hope it gets easier.

    I laughed out loud over the dropped marble. I could so see that happening :-)

    Hope your first day back at work is a great one. It's been a while but they're lucky to have you back.


  17. JJ - I love caffeine and it generally loves me.
    But really - I was ready to freaking *blank* someone...
    I was mad and jealous over nothing - all the time.

    That's not me...well, unfortunately, the point is -
    That IS me...or WAS....so I had to change.

    Now I only hope the people I've offended
    can find it in their heart to forgive me.....
    We all overlook so much. In blogs and in real life.
    None of us are perfect. Who can say what makes a deal-breaker?
    I myself still care for people WAY past the point where other people would have given up.
    We all deserve a second and third chance.

    My rage and belligerence only hurt myself.
    The other person didn't even know!
    Like a binge, it only effected me.
    Typical, eh?

  18. My best friend stopped by last week and brought me a glass tea pot and flowers to steep (an out of the blue gift)! I love it! Your tea looks so pretty!

    I hope the let down from coming off of caffeine does not last long!

  19. For awhile my son was hooked on energy drinks and would get into absolute rages. As far as I know he has them infrequently now which is probably a good thing for him.

    Caffeine makes my heart go pitter, patter, trip-trip-trip. It is not my friend. I drink decaff green tea and decaff coffee...I sometimes add a splash of flavoured coffee to the decaff just for fun.

    The tea looks beautiful!

  20. ps - they never did...
    or haven't yet....
    depends on how you phrase it in eternity


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