18 May 2010

munch by proxy

Munch By Proxy
(I always act that way when I cross a bridge!)

I was taken aback when I saw this entity "looking" at me.
I realized I have a fear of extension....
Or at least of extension cords.
Gosh, which is worse?

Green Beans, Blue Skies
Mostly sunny - chance of al-dente

Cleaning today, laundry, errant errands, 
Getting ready to go back to work....finally!
But not to get "lost" in work....not to get "found" in work....
Just to work! *
(*work, food, blogging - insert the word; they all apply)

Hamburger today, water, half-cup of coffee...
Advil for the caffeine withdrawals.
I'm willing to change, and 
I really am making a sincere effort!


  1. I think I startled the extension cord thingy
    at least as much as he/she/or it startled me!

  2. You make me laugh. Out loud. Thanks.
    I like the way your mind works.

  3. Gee thanks. I'll never look at an extension cord the same way again. LOL

  4. very funny stuff. did you find your camera....have a great day.

  5. That has always been my favorite painting.

  6. Your blog always makes me smile. Today, I especially needed the smile. Thank you Anne!

  7. That cord looks like he got caught doing some naughty business, if you ask me.

  8. Love the extension cord pic!! Have you ever thought of capturing more of those kinds of things and publishing a book? You see that kind of "art" all the time. Anywho, your blog makes me think, makes me smile, and makes me happy. Thank you.

  9. LOL...you are one wacky chic! I like that about you.

  10. Off to work now to do a Hospice case in a homeless shelter.
    Do they even have that? I guess they do now.

  11. *smiling* Oh gosh, this was great! I love your way with words! Very clever.


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