26 August 2010

sonnez les matines


The neighborhood church carillon 
plays every 3 hours till night cometh.
I woke up to the gentle sound of it playing today!

A very pleasant 70 something degree day.
 A break from the heat.  At least for a little while.
And just in time, too. I was beginning to wilt!

It's "only" 5 pounds (3, actually but who's counting?)
And it's only one correction.

I always knew this day would come.
I just didn't think it would be today.
I posted my first gain in about a year and a half.
Many plateaus - but now an actual gain.

So I am wasting no time to get back on track.
I haven't walked after work since the heat wave started.
I have also eaten out more, and have more "treats."
Even SF FroYo counts!
No excuses - just cause and effect.
Now comes the damage control.
Also known as  "correction!"

Not the spin doctor version.
Unless, by "spin" you mean the bike!

That's what's good about a sensible LoCarb approach.
It's not so much "intuitive" as it is "rational."
There's always room for adjustments.
If it works, keep it. If not... well, you know!
Hope your Friday is pleasant,
 your food is on track,
and your body is your friend!


  1. So it's been a week since my bun-binge...
    And I never went back... so far, so good!
    read it here!
    A link to the post that tells all!

  2. A year and a half, and this is your first little gain??! That's impressive to me,since I tend to bounce around.

    Yes... me luvs lo-carb, too.

  3. Lo carb, anything with a face is fair game..Church bells for you, or for everyone ?

  4. Yep, right back on track, right away is the way to combat it. I wish I had only one gain in a year and a half!

  5. First gain in over a yr & half! Wow. Impressive :)

    I have all the confidence you'll be back on track in no time.

  6. Many long and boring stalls...
    But this was the first time I didn't stop
    at one uneventful event!
    Even when I was drinking I didn't gain.
    Of course, I didn't eat.
    But that's beside the point!

  7. a whole year and no gain!! wow you are a Rockstar, yeah, I can always tell when I am treating myself too much, I do love a treat every day though, as long as I can keep it at ONEW treat I am good

  8. Are you sleeping? Sweet.

    Bells tones every three hours. Devine.

    And all I can think of is how do you keep that glass top so clean?!

  9. Dormez-vous? Who me? Nah!
    The glass is reflecting its own cleanliness?
    And the bells - they play 3 little songs each time!
    Once they played part of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.
    Tonight they played Carmen!

  10. I admire your positive attitude
    and the way you state your intentions
    and your gift of shared creativity

    Do you believe in prayer?

  11. I took the easy way on this one, PeacefulBird!
    Notice I only stated my intentions
    after the behavior was is full-swing!
    But I will state this, in advance:
    I am cutting way back on nuts. And fast food.
    And will walk at least 3 hours a week
    regardless of the heat!
    I want to be at my (adjusted) goal weight by Christmas.

    And prayer - without question - yes!
    But I use a different approach
    than I did with of the prayers of my youth.
    In form AND in content!

  12. It's funny how are bodies are so different. I gain and relose and gain and relose some more and plateau and then lose and then plateau. The first 70 lbs literally came off 10 lbs a month like clockwork. Since then has been the other cycle. Just consider it lesson learned.

    I saw that the high one day next week is going to be 83. I was so , so happy.

  13. Weight gain, are you sure. Just how much do those scrubs weigh anyhow? You weren't wearing your winter-insulated scrubs were since it cooled down to 70 degrees from the 110+ stuff, were you?

  14. That's the spirit, Anne! I see you as viewing minor set backs as challenges that need to be overcome. I also view you as an inspiration. Sincerely.

    BTW, I love church architecture and sculpture. Old churches always catch my eye when visiting new and interesting places. Much more so than modern buildings - even those designed by noted architects.

    I hope your weekend stays cool and leaves you feeling joyful and refreshed. Take good care, my friend.

  15. I feel that you show us how to pray with out ceasing. Always mindful of your surroundings and the sweet messages that pass before your eyes, ears, nose and tongue. One can consume love and gain no weight only joy. Or one can consume fear and carry the burden alone. I feel like you have seen both sides and your vigilance is not a judgment but a discernment, a wisdom that I needn't figure out on my own but a gift being given and its free for the taking. Life is good with mighty companions at our side; as above so it is below::: here on earth as it is in heaven.

  16. I love the stained glass - so beautiful. I'm amazed too that you've only had one gain in a year. That is an accomplishment. It's nice to be able to make adjustments...no harm, no foul. Enjoy your Friday and have a lovely lo-carb weekend.


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