07 September 2010

beauty shop
'till ya drop

Welcome to the Chateau de Chatte!

I got my first victim volunteer for hair coloring this weekend!
How and why this happened, I'll never know.
I didn't ask her - she asked me. So I said "Yes!"
What's the worst thing that can happen?

Like a kitchen disaster, or a binge on a diet,
the worst thing that can happen is that
IF we mess up,
THEN we fix it!
And LEARN what went wrong,
to keep it from happening again and again.

It's cool that she trusts me with her hair!

This is Ali before, during and after.

We went with real subtle highlights and lowlights.
And blue, ash, and gold tones.
And a huge amount of Hydrogen Peroxide.
But only 20% cuz she's a Newbie.
She tends toward red, so I avoided the violets and neutrals.

It's not only time in a bottle -
It's science! 

I had more fun than she did!
And it was a total success. She loved it!
No hair fell out. And she is still talking to me.
So it's all good. 

YouTube Video
The Musical/Movie

Oh say, can you see my eyes?
If you can then my hair is too short!

I might have mentioned that I was raised by hippies.
My sister is a 70 year old aging hippie.
My Mother would have been 90 this year.
 Something about the world of hair
is very healing for me.
Like that bicycle. Very healing.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Shocked, hippies.. Peace, love, chemistry.. You.. Who would have thunk that ? Too funny. Thought for sure you picked an elderly woman, dementia and Alzheimer crippling her, and she agreed to your treatment, never realizing that you meant color her hair, not colorforms are coming to play with...

  2. Hey, Allan, you forget, we've all seen the hip pose (and all that hippie hair)!! If you want some lovin' Anne style (color out of a bottle), just ask! LOL Anne, Ali's color looks great! Good job ... xxox

  3. I see a second career in your future Anne! Ali's hair is gorgeous and the perfect color for her-- She's beautiful. You did a great job.
    xo jj

  4. Awesome job, Anne! Great hair, Ali!

  5. Wow, her hair looks beautiful! You really understand the coloring process, Anne.

    I recently downloaded "Hair" to my iPod - love that song!

  6. I wish you lived near me. I have white/grey hair that I want to streak with a little color. Every time I ask someone what they would do with it they seem to be wondering why I would even think of it.

  7. Ah Ha, we have hair in common too. Maybe you are my little sister or cousin or something. I hope Ali is happy with her hair because it sure looks great.

  8. I am ready. White blonde please !!

  9. Dude - I know, right?
    Ooh- la-la!

  10. I think you missed your calling!

    I'd trust you with my hair. Really, I would.

    I'm vocal coaching for an upcoming musical - "Hairspray".

  11. I see you wore high fashion to do the hair... your Netrition t-shirt, LOL!.

    When I spend big bucks on a Netrition order, my hubby is always mollified because I get the free t-shirt in black in his size. I think that's the magician's trick, diverting their attention from what's really going on, ha ha ha!


  12. Well done my friend, her hair looks very pretty.
    .......:-) Hugs

  13. so since you're in the beauty business now, what can you suggest for me? i'm thinking of perhaps maybe coloring.

  14. Wow, you did a good job on her hair! Can ya come and do mine now? Cost so much at the salon! *sigh*

  15. You did a terrific job on her hair. I always think about coloring mine but then chicken out, maybe some day when the grey out weighs the brown lol. Looks like a good food shopping.

  16. You're a brave woman!
    70 year old hippster sister?
    How fine is that!


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