04 September 2010

sweating (to the) oldies

Didn't Do Squat

And a few new dance steps for cleaning:

Where every dance is a "Belly Dance" (of sorts!)

House Cleaning can be a "moving" and aerobic experience!
Bending, reaching, lifting....
Stair climbing, knee-kneeling,
(and don't forget getting back up)

"Good Will Hunting" to drop stuff off.....

A fair haul on today's episode of
"The Trashiest Catch"
Earned me a "10" in Reverse Dumpster Diving!

My "reward" is SF ginger ale w/ sf margarita mix w/ lime ... 
(No alcohol for me, please)
And grilled chicken breast on an actual plate... 
(Every dish in the place was dirty! Tsk, tsk!)

The SF margarita mix is good as a marinade, as well.
This chicken was marinated w/ Italian Dressing
Happy Birthday 
YouTube Video
Hope you are having a great Holiday weekend!
No more cleaning for now - back to work for me!


  1. Have a great holiday weekend, Anne :)

  2. Well done on the cleaning front, Anne!

    Feels better after you're finished, eh? Kind of like exercise.

  3. Good for the Body, the Mind, and the Soul.
    Oh, and the Apartment, too!

  4. Cleaning and organizing always makes me feel better. Something that I do for myself that I can see the results quick!

  5. Ginger Ale, oh I love that stuff... just the stuff to make a day of cleaning more tolerable. Hmm, evern mix Monster & Ginger Ale?

  6. SF Ginger Ale + Lime + Protein = yummy!
    SF Ginger Ale + SF Monster = ?????????

    By Jove, Patrick - you have inspired me!
    I'll be sure to give it a try! Monster Ale?

  7. I like blasting the oldies when I have a lot of work to do. They help keep my spirits up and my butt moving-- same with driving. I can go a lot further is the music is fun.

    Your ginger ale recipe sounds interesting. I'll have to give that one a try.

    Hope you have the long weekend off to enjoy your clean home! Cheers.

  8. Like me some Ale,, Cocktails, yummy

  9. Now you should kick back like everyone else and enjoy the holiday.

  10. it's all a belly dance
    too funny
    and something to think about

    love the real plate
    chicken looks yummy too

    how can you
    and still have time to clean?

    marathon cleaning
    once in a blue moon
    that's how I do it too

    bravo blue moon!


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