01 September 2010

wednesday go to meeting

...the blog within a blog...

"Oh, Anne!" my neighbors queried -

"Come to our dinner. And church afterwards."
"You need to get out more, Sad Sack!"

"Oh, but no! I am on a diet!" I retorted.
Standard answer. Requires no thought.
"I'd rather kiss a dead mooses butt" comes to mind...

However - since I am basically a recluse, 
(except for work and blogging) 
perhaps I should say "Yes! OK. Why not?"
"Well......maybe.... we'll see......"

Maybe leave the comfort zone.
Maybe try something safe, maybe fun, who knows?
What could it hurt to be nice? 
To graciously accept a friendly offer.
I'm not so powerless that a new experience will kill me.
Bah humbug!

A lovely salad, my dear?
Pork Chop and Broccoli.
Best $4 you can spend.
Re-re-relearning how/what to eat whilst out and about.
Hey - this isn't so bad!

Not just the food - but how to behave.
"What is what" in my brave new world of Fat/Not Fat.
How to be comfortable in my own skin...
Sitting there for 30 minutes 
without having to have my way... 
which doesn't always prove to be right, anyways!
I probably don't know what's always best  for me.

For your dining enjoyment - Lovely contemporary music.
Then church with the little group.
30 minutes of "Can I get an Amen?"

More stained glass
It's very pretty, actually

Right on the front row!
And no one was struck by lightening or asked to leave!
Same time, next week? If I'm not working, that is...

YouTube Video
Patsy Cline


  1. Here's to new experiences. Take what you need and leave the rest. It may not all be to your liking, but getting out and about a bit is usually always a good thing. No woman is an island.

  2. The more I need it, the more I resist it sometimes.
    Then the more I resist, the more I need to make that change.

    But it is good to get out and give it a try.
    Thanks, Roxie!

  3. Chocolate cake has been calling to me for some time now... that looks SOOOO good!

  4. stained glass windows are beautiful. glad you gave it a try, anne.

  5. Thanks.
    I actually got out of bed and went somewhere and did something!

  6. That's great that you got outside your comfort zone, and had a new adventure.

    "I'm not so powerless that a new experience will kill me."

    Love that sentence!!

    And I've always thought Patsy Cline had a stunningly beautiful voice.


  7. I have to admit i'm not very social myself. Good for you on getting out and about :)

  8. The front row???!!! You keener Anne!!! You had me laughing hysterically!

  9. I am also not a social one, but good for you for going, I love my sisters church, but she lives in Portland.... sigh... excuses, excuses

  10. I love it that you give us the grey lines
    the up front along with the undertones
    Real is real is real
    and it's all good
    (as a very bright friend once said)

  11. Well done, Anne. Pushing your boundaries is frequently the right thing to do. At least according to a wise man I used to know. He said, "If you feel resistance to doing something. If it seems hard and you'd prefer to avoid it. Then do it. It's most assuredly the thing you ought to be doing".

    BTW, always remember that the way you see yourself isn't necessarily how others do. In your case, I'd bet dollars to low carb donuts that most of the people you encounter view you in a very positive light indeed.

  12. I'm not a big church-goer myself, but it is SOO HARD to say no to someone beaming at you with such good intentions. I say you done good!

  13. Good for you Anne, and sitting at the very front. I bet it was the best four dollars you had spent. you should be very proud of yourself.

  14. Awesome effort to step out of your comfort zone!

    I use my gluten free requirements to avoid social eating... bad habit!

  15. Church still standing ? Blasphemy at its finest...

  16. I'm still very much alive so keep your lips away from my butt!!!

  17. OK, then... Muffin the Moose!
    Not even one little smooch- on the "muffin" part?


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