22 September 2010

hissy fit

Just a wee little one, perhaps

I take it out on my apartment - cleaning

Moved stuff to clean what lies beneath

Still need to hang the pictures

Scenes from my so-called life

All categorized OCD style

It's getting there

Note the spatulas ⤊
from the "kitchen" picture ⤊

Even Trucky got the royal treatment!

2x, then XL, then L, then Medium....
Takes up alot of room

The 2nd bedroom is now a "work in progress"
Things take time.

Can't show you the before pics
Let's just say ......... it's clean now!
And 3 days later.... still clean!
Perhaps I have finally turned a corner.
About time!


  1. Hisssssy fit! Your place looks great, Anne. Doesn't it feel good?

  2. Good, and long overdue.
    I did it without getting mad, or jealous, or even!
    Just peace, love and puppies and kitties to everyone!
    And a clean abode.

  3. Love your place! I threw a Hissy Fit ALL day but after reading All the kind words from MY REAL friends I feel much better. My blog friends ROCK! smile

  4. A work in progress... doesn't that describe us all?

  5. Nice Job on your place.

    My husband recently said to me that anger was a gift. I said "What?" He went on to explain that anger can give you the energy to get things done that you would otherwise just let go because of the problems taking care of it would provoke...make sense?

    He was right.

    Case In Point: I didn't call the Credit Bureau until I got good n' angry about a situation. I had been afraid of calling but got to the point I was so angry-I didn't care!! Good thing too bcs I recieved EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

  6. We have some of the same lamps--very classy place.

    Speaking of trucky, I still have home care supplies from my old home health box (extras and all expired so I've kept them)..you never know when you are going to need a foley catheter kit or a 60 cc syringe and 250 cc of Normal saline.

  7. Ok, my place needs to be cleaned too? Can your hissy last long enough for that?? Those spatulas crack my sh*t up.

    Polar's Mom

  8. Love the Maple Leaf!

    I have been known to throw a few hissy fits, myself... :)

  9. Nothing nicer than a clean house! (Thinks: I must do something about mine.)

  10. I envy you your organizational skills. If I just had and nth of what you've got it would make a difference in my home. LOVE the shower curtain!

  11. I love a good clean! I have booked 2 days off in October and am looking forward to a proper spring clean before my MIL arrives!

  12. You have a great apartment! I have been cleaning to prevent me from slipping up and snacking. If I have fingers that smell like bleach or pine-sol, doritos just dont taste that great ;)

  13. Your place is so nice! And organized! Jeez, I need to get busy with my place. It looks like a tornado hit compared to yours. :)

  14. I need to become enraged to clean my house..it can be overwhelming cant it!? blah!!! love the spatulas and the shower curtain!

  15. I love organizing!! Thanks for visiting my blog. You look great!


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