07 September 2010

dreamfields pasta and carbquik

UnWrapped /food network
DreamFields Pasta 
YouTube Video

Alot of questions about Dreamfields Pasta.  (link)
"Protected Carbs."
A protein matrix is added to the flour
that keeps the carbs from being digested.
All I know is that it is pretty good.
Really good, in fact.
I get mine at Netrition. (that's also a link!)
But now they even have it in the grocery stores.
I only have pasta a few times a year.
So either way, it's still a treat.
When I have company, or bring dinner to a function,
I sometimes chose a LoCarb pasta, or something unusual.
People don't know these options exist!

It's like Carb Quik ! (here's a link)
It's LoCarb version of BisQuick.
It's a great LoCarb substitution.
Made with carbalose. (recipe link)
But I don't use it enough to complain.
Just enjoy!

LoCarb pancakes with SF syrup.
And real butter. Go figure.

About the chemical soup/ slurry....
I use this example:
As a Nurse, I know that there is no drug like Morphine.
No synthetic version can do what Morphine does.
Hands down.
So yeah, I "get it" about fake sugar and fake flour.
So I basically avoid both, as much as possible.
I indulge infrequently. So it's a non-starter.

But as bad as these substitues might be,
There was nothing fake about the effect that
REAL sugar and REAL flour had on my body!
REAL choices, right?

Crying "Oui, oui, oui!" all the way home."
Me - last year, and this year.
Once, when I was a new grad, there was a family whose young son
had just been diagnosed with Diabetes. The family brought in
all kinds of sugar-free candy and soft-drinks.  The Nurse said No -
That stuff is allright - but it's really about making better choices....
not just better substitutions! True story.

I also took my blood sugar about 6 hours after the pasta.
It was 75 - which is a little on the low side.
[Note: I am NOT Diabetic. Just LoCarb.]
I tend to be on the low side, anyways.
It didn't cause cravings later, either.
Not any digestion problems for me, either.

So for me, O LoCarbers and friends,
None of this stuff (so far) affects my Blood Sugar.
Not Splenda. Not Carbalose. Not Mythology.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail.
Well, you know what I mean!

A very gentle sunset last night.
Can you see the little birds? 
There might have been a million birds in the sky.
Give or take a few hundred thou.

Back to work? Hope your day is WOW!
With a side helping of happy, and balance!


  1. Have you made bread w/ the Carbquik? My husband IS diabetic and bread is aterrible choce for him. I's love an alternative.

  2. Not bread, but pancakes once, and drop biscuits.
    They were ok. A little more ease in the kitchen
    and it might have been an ok sub!

  3. Sunset and birds
    I like them
    much better
    than pasta
    or any food!

  4. I mix my subs and avoids... some gluten free options are great... sometimes it is better to do without!

    Glad you have so many low carb options to enjoy.

    I instinctively go low carb (or high protein) when I feel at all out of whack. I feel a lot better, less tired, less cravings.

  5. Great illustrative story about the choices versus substitutions issue. Sounds like you've got the right mix. I try to follow those guidelines myself and avoid the whole "Frankenfood" Snackwell debacle. It's one of the main reasons I can't get behind WW - while they do some great work, they hawk a lot of not-really-so-great-choices.

  6. I just stay away from pasta, its a slippery slope for me, shitataki noodles work for me

  7. You are the low carb warrior. SF syrup, I cannot do. Tried it and nearly hurled. Now I look at it like a kid does spinach, odd.

    Al Hitchcock would love those pics.

  8. You can get morphine in lo-carb form. We should talk././

  9. <3 Dreamfields but I try to limit it ... I guess I need to feel deprived. :P But limiting it seem even more special on the days I allow it. :9 yum

  10. I learn something every time I come here. Had no idea these options existed out there.
    I thought the one picture was ashes in the sky---that is a lot of birds!

  11. Glad you're finding some good subs that work for you. I'm not sure life would be worth living without pasta (perhaps a little overdramatic today).
    mmmm....morphine. Nothing makes life quite as happy as morphine. I had a good dose going when I had Charlie via c-section. A nice vicodin milshake is always nice too. :)

  12. My dear, Anne...I nominated you for an award on my blog today. Please come and pick it up and tell us more about you.

  13. I love the Food Network.

    I love the movie "The Matrix".

    I must conclude that I will love the Protein Matrix Pasta.

    Thanks for the tip Sista!

  14. There really is no spoon.....
    There really is no spoon......
    There really is no spoon!

    And the pasta is really pretty good!

    Just Me - Thank You!
    I am really bad at awards, but I will try!

  15. I say eat what works for ya. Great pictures, what a change! I'm all for a WOW day with a side helping of happy and balance *smile*.

  16. I have to admit that lower carb is definitely working for me! And you are part of the reason i tried it :)

  17. I eat the shiritaki noodles too, but havent tried any of the low carb versions of foods like this--I avoid the atkins bars/shakes etc too just cause I know I'll over-do it just like I would with snickers bars & milkshakes! Me no have-y control!!~


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