08 September 2010

about me

I wasn't heavy all my life.
But you couldn't call me "skinny" either.

In the Army I was never on profile for being heavy.
Had to get the "tape-test" once, but that was muscle, right?
I was in the First Desert Storm - at age 30ish!

I built a house once. Lots of hard work.
Learned framing, plumbing, and electrical work.
This is age 40ish

Not skinny, not fat - just "husky" or something.
Not just a photo op - I really did the work!

I have also had rescue kitties and raised chickens.
I'm very balanced in traditional male/female roles...

Been a Nurse-Nanny for little kids in wheelchairs 
and cared for little old ladies (dear old mom)

I went to University, but was always "in trouble"
for goofing off..... 
I never had to study or practice *yawn*
(music major - Sigma Alpha Iota, and Alpha Lambda Delta)

I had an "angry phase," early in my 20's.... but no more.
So that's how I understand what people sometimes go through.
Maybe I'm going through a fat - life crisis right now.
It's like a mid-life crisis, but for Heavies.

And now for the "accomplishment part"
This is, after all, partial fulfillment of a blog award!

One accomplishment I am pleased with is:
One year, I took a Sabbatical.
Almost a year off. And I read the Dictionary!
Also read the Hebrew Bible "aka Old Testament."
Which I had never read before. Amazing.

Being a Hospice Nurse is one of my greatest accomplishments.
I never studied in Nursing School, either.
Army Nursing School, at that!
3 of my instructors recommended me for Army Medical School!
(And as a student, not a cadaver, eh?)

One accomplishment might be 
the nearly 20 years of reading A Course In Miracles.
Just now starting to wrap my mind around what it says....

So that's kind of 7 things about me....
I am so shy - I even disappoint myself at times.
So please forgive me if you have been kind enough to
give me an award, and I never did anything with it.
This is my attempt to correct all that.
Nothing personal - just my inability to respond 
as I should, and as I wish I could!

Thanks for reading !
Hope your day is warm and cozy!


  1. Thank God you were able to get those kittens off your face...

  2. It's not my first "kitten-ectomy!"

  3. Photo 1: Not heavy, not skinny. Would you be called "athletic"? It just came to me ...

    Photo 2: You aren't heavy, but those clothes, boots and pack probably weigh 50-100 lbs ...

    Photo 3: You're holding that saw like a firearm

    Photo 4: I don't do ladders, so your perch alone impresses me ...

    Photo 5: Lesson learned. Never play with super glue. Oh, I'm sorry, was I being catty? Meow ...

    Photo 6: You do realize those are chicken breasts, not yours, right?

    Photo 7 & 8: What can I say? You are an angel!

    Photo 9: Or Santa ...

    It was wonderful to go through these photos with you. Fun!

  4. What an interesting life you've had so far! Great to learn more about you.

  5. Thanks for filling in some of the blanks. I'm happy to get to know you a bit better! Yay for chickens!

  6. Just love this post. Revealing and humorous. You keep me coming back for more. I can not imagine that yo are shy...love the fact that you are a hospice nurse-I have so much respect for them after my father's passing. michele

  7. Awwww... this is awesome, Anne. Thanks for sharing...

  8. Love the post! You totally hit the nail on the head, store was a mess after being off for three days, Friday will be about putting Humpty Dumpty back together again!!!but tonight, chilling out!!!

  9. Wow, you have lived. I truly respect that Anne.

  10. Always a treat to learn more about you, love all your photos. such fun. and like they say you really have lived. wonderful. hugs.

  11. Fabulous that we know a little more about you :)

    Great post :)

  12. I never could count to seven, eh?

  13. You have had an interesting life - so far - and still living large. Thanks for sharing the photos and facts.

  14. Thanks for sharing such personal stuff, and letting us into your past! Man you have done a lot of amazing things!

  15. I'm with Michele, you shy? *smile* Loved learning more about you. Such a caring person in all stages of your life for sure.

  16. Oh, I loved this post! You are such an interesting person, Anne. Really, you have an amazing variety in your experiences in life. The stories you could tell, I am sure!

    Thanks for sharing this, it truly has me smiling.

  17. You are an amazing woman, Anne. So many things I love about you. Wow, you built a house...I mean, WOW, YOU BUILT A HOUSE! And I knew you were smart. I have that book, A Course in Miracles...haven't read it all yet. My dad was in Hospice for 8 months...I love Hospice nurses.

  18. I had to "de-lurk", because we're SAI sisters!

    I love fellow former music major low carb success stories!

  19. among your achievements
    but modestly not mentioned by you
    is your long-standing skill
    with a camera
    quite the photographer
    take a bow

    more more encore more bravo

  20. Wow! Look at you - nothing to be shy about Anne. You are an amazing woman. Walk with your head held high and proud. You've done what so many have only wished they could do.


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