25 September 2010

cake be gone!

Mmmm .... breakfast is good!
Fried cheese, egg whites from a box, one real egg,
lots of pepper and tabasco, grilled beef brats,
hot coffee with cream and sf vanilla caramel flavoring
(Finally able to enjoy hot coffee - it's been too hot lately!)

Slept about 14 hours - twice this week!
Finally recovering from the earlier heat injury...
Woke up to a gentle rain and church bells playing!

Looks like the Grand Canyon
But it's just tall buildings

Glass buildings and trucks

The Dallas Icon - Pegasus

Don't really know what that means...

A new shake shaker - works great!
Probably not for spinach, though

Hungry for BBQ?

This reflector looks like a fried egg!
Or is it  just me being hungry again?

The cake is gone! Gone from my mind.
Gone from my face. *phew!*
Peace to the cake. What was I thinking?
I guess I was thinking I wanted some cake?!
Ah - live and learn, eh?
My apartment has stayed clean all week!
Maintenance mode is easy enough.
It's the getting there!
Having a great weekend?
Stay clean!


  1. It definitely looks like an egg. This little hippie house needs a good cleaning. Oh well. Too bad. Ha.

  2. That really does look like an egg. You really have an eye for detail to notice such things that most of us don't even give a second glance. :) I love your pictures.

  3. Mmm, brats. A great way to start any day. Or every day.

  4. Looks like a good breakfast. I'm glad the cake is gone, Anne. Banished from your Queendom.

  5. Are you sure that wasn't an egg? LOL

  6. Thanks Just You-
    I bounced around with all kinds of issues
    Since I am now within 15 pounds of my best lifetime-weight.
    Probably a reaction-formation on my part.
    First the buns, and now the cake.....
    But I see it all as feedback for what is really going on in my MIND.
    And now the work really begins!

  7. It does look just like an egg! In fact, before I read the caption, I thought it was! hahaha

    Oh, cake be gone, and don't let the door hit you in the ass!

  8. That breakfast really does look good! What is it that you are shaking up in your new shaker...is it protein powder? Mixed with what?? "Maintenance mode is easy enough. It's the getting there!" Amen, sister!!

  9. Ann,
    I'm not sure how you found me (Captured Choices) but I appreciate the funny comment. I was wondering if anyone would get the I Love Lucy reference. I watched your video and it made me laugh. :) I also like your photos, I found them to be whimsical, odd (maybe more like atypical) but in a way I could appreciate. Pretty impressive story you have here. I'll be back.

  10. She - I'm glad I make you happy!
    You make me happy, too!
    xxx ooo back at 'cha!

  11. Anne I guess it means that big ole trucks are baked, not fried!? Unlike that reflector(I think its really an egg!)


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