02 September 2010

rainy day blog

It's raining here! 
It seems the only way we get relief from the heat is when it rains.
Sounds like my own life, sadly! 

But that's what makes a blog, a blog, I guess.
If it were simply a journal, (data)
I would just throw some college-lined spiral notebook
under the bed and be done with it.

Maybe blogs help sort it out....
All the imperfections of our lives.
But in a supportive, learning way.
"Just another opportunity for forgiveness!"
And mostly of ourselves.

Blogs have a serious side.... trauma and grief....
Losses.... change... all that.
Or a witty side. I've said outright that
my pictures in my blog can speak for me
when I can't seem to find the words. 

18 months ago, one year ago, and now.
(Almost Labor Day to almost Labor Day!)

Turns out the Macadamia Nuts as a garnish was a mistake.
Better stick with Pork Rinds.
So I "get it" why people can't have certain items around.
For what ever the reason.

Turns out, it requires too much mental effort 
to keep that behavior in "check."
So until I gain those skills - out it goes!
Better to take the "Cliff Note" version,
than to fall off the edge of a cliff, on this one.

YouTube Video
"High Society"
Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra
"Well, Did You Evah?"
From a blog and a book entitled:
We are "In Training" for life.
It only LOOKS like a diet!
Getting ready for the Holiday weekend?
Any big plans?


  1. Rain at this time of year
    is soooooooooooo welcome

    our beautiful madrona trees
    lost all their old leaves
    then started shedding
    the sweet, new, green ones
    for lack of rain

    they got a sip two days ago
    but now it's back to sunshine
    nice for the tourists
    but I'm prayin for more rain

    that's my end of summer report
    for what it's worth

    check the macadamia nuts
    I fell into a big jar of them
    not too long ago
    consider me your mac nut check partner

  2. Macadamia Nuts are ok on LoCarb...

    On a "fat fast" that's all some people eat.
    That, and butter.
    But yeah..... until later with the nuts!

  3. Was having trouble getting your comment box up - a new blogger glitch? Mayhaps.

    I think the strength of blogging is knowing we're not alone. A beautiful thing. Like your blog and you. :)

    Rain makes rainbows and things grow.

  4. Looking at that radar image, I think the other surrounding communities will be so jealous! LOL GREAT photo comparison, Anne! I'm going to try to wear the same (or similar) clothing as my profile photo, if for no other reason than to show how my "comfortable" black pants are now not-wearable. No one else notices the loss yet, but my waistline IS shrinking...

  5. You lose weight and learned how to smile. Nice. By the way, rain my ass, we got Hurricane Earl coming up to rip my house off to OZ... Cool, and thinking Wicked thoughts, love ya...

  6. Oh, that's right! Big Ol' Earl.
    You had me at "Wicked!"
    Be safe and "hunker down" with the missus!

  7. Its raining here the past couple of days and since it rained clear through june this year... I am not ready for it!

  8. It's not raining where Mom & Dad Zug live, that's good. Now I can call them at work. They only work when it doesn't rain. Ah the life of a bug hunter.

  9. Have a fantastic holiday weekend! I am running a 5k on Saturday- yay!

  10. For some reason I want to give you a hug. Not sure you are the huggy type...but..virtual hug anyway! Deal.

    Look how fantastic you have done over the year!

    Going to a wedding---going to party with my besty...and get a lot of exercise dancing.

  11. Love hugs!
    Hugs and comments taken here!
    It's all good!

  12. For me, it's about making the decision about food when it's easiest - and that is at the store. If I make the decision to leave the food in the store, then it's done. If I bring it into the house, sometimes I have to make a hundred MORE decisions about when and how much about the same darned thing. Nothing is worth that much mental gymnastics. So, I make decisions when they are easy.

  13. Anne...what an inspiration you are!

    Those pictures speak a thousand words. Your beautiful smile, and the joy behind your eyes, didn't change in the space of a year. But your shoes tell the story!

    You've proved that it can be done...I'm glad I checked in with you tonight.

  14. Rain is good, Fall is better..........:-) Hugs

  15. Love this:
    Maybe blogs help sort it out....
    All the imperfections of our lives.
    But in a supportive, learning way.
    "Just another opportunity for forgiveness!"
    And mostly of ourselves.

    Very true for me.


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