10 September 2010

under construction

How about now?

Over to the left...
No, wait - back to the right a little -
Perfect right there!

Ya think?

Really now?

Meet the Zipper - moves the traffic lane dividers
In and Out from Downtown Rush Hour

Up to no good under a big Tejas sky?

The Center of the English Language

Looks like a Technicolor Dream

That would explain alot if it were!

Would you believe it's a coffee fast?

Kermit, I think we need to talk about our relationship

Oh, Piggy!
I'm no cheerleader, and this is not a pep-rally.
But, I hope your day is going great!


  1. ROTFL... a great picture post.

  2. Oh my gosh, that picture with the church steeple....magnificent!!! I love your blog!

  3. That "Really Now" photo sorta reminds me of myself somedays. (sigh)

    I agree, that church steeple photo is amazing.

    And tell Patrick yes, Kermit reads, sings AND catches flies with his tongue. I only do ONE of those things well ...

  4. New post.. Pictures...
    Jaguars, Gold Coast, Pandoras, Illusions,,, Just a little idea...Kermit is cool...

  5. For some reason Center of English Language cracked me up. It sort of made me think that's where it all began.

  6. Interesting to see the zipper. There are lots of cars in Dallas, huh. Dang.

  7. Day brighteners! Thanks, Michele

  8. Its not easy being green, yet Kermie makes it look like a piece of ca..cheese, hows that!!! have a great day :-)

  9. Lots of construction round there, I take it. You have a great weekend! It's not easy being any color. Is it?

  10. I ought to have a sign drapped over my body "Construction!" LOL!

    P.S: Thanks for the encouragement Anne.

  11. After all that time on Sesame Street,
    Kermit had better know how to read!
    I just didn't expect to see him in the front office!

  12. I like the oversized load...

    Well, the zipper's pretty niffty too.


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