13 September 2010

meat mania

Bare-bones LoCarb
Fun and games at the grocery store

Meat Mania grrrrr

Hard-core water drinking

Fire Station?

Yep - these guys push heavy weights 
up and down the alley for a work-out

Watering, watering, everywhere!

Ghost rider?

Please do not blog in the driveway!

Back to work with ye, Scurvy Wench!
(Practicing for International "Talk Like A Pirate
Day. Musta missed it last year...)

I've looked at clouds from Both Sides Now...

And a lovely sunset was had by all
And here's to many more, eh?

Hamburger and green beans... both grrrrilled!
Aye, 'tis yummy!
Only 100 days left till the Christmas holiday season is upon us.
That's about 300 meals. More or less.
That's 300 opportunities to make a better choice!
Give or take a few.
Today is a new start to a great week!


  1. I sincerely hope your week is the one of best ones ever.
    Seems we could all use a good day or two up in here!

  2. I need to search the archives.
    have you talked about a love of BEEF JERKY?!


  3. Sprinklers!! Watering grass is pretty much banned here due to drought and watering restrictions... it looks odd to see it now!

  4. Whoa... that photo of the clouds stopped me in my tracks. Absolutely stunnning.


  5. So, now you've blogged their driveway. Must be a pop'lar blog spot?

    You made me hungry ... I need a workout first.

  6. So glad I have found your blog, your pics and words ALWAYS make me smile!!!
    LOVE that pic of the cloud!!!

  7. Those bones are a little too big for you, Anne. You're lucky some big puppy didn't chase you down for them...oh well, calories would be burnt off quickly then. Arrrggghh...pirate speak.

  8. I thought I would see you holding a huge bottle of Sparkletts water. Hey, where's the beef? I only see bones.

  9. Hard-core water drinking ... whew, for a second I thought it was a MONSTER drink! (Anne, on a binge.) :) Hmm, just 300 meals 'til Christmas? I loved your "300 opportunities to make a better choice" comment!! I'm going to work with that positive thought, thanks Anne. Did you have your vitamin C today? Don't catch scurvy on pirate talk day!

  10. Aye, ye Scurvy-Hating Limey!
    I did for a fact have all me victuals
    and vitamins and vita-meata-vega-mins today!
    Thanks for axing!

  11. Ali has lovely hair, great job. Looks like a good day wish I had ladies to hang with on a veranda *smile*.


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