26 September 2010

the devine miss b

Clear skies today - after the morning fog lifted

And a little cooler - "jacket weather" is finally here!

Miss B came by for breakfast

She then hurried home to Poosie - the pup

Grilled chicken with grilled 1015 onions,
and sf peach-apricot glaze - for brunch

So good to cook inside again - 
Now that it won't heat up the apartment (so much)

Good things to have on hand

And a splendid java time was had by all!

YouTube Video
Mozart Piano Sonata
No1 in C  
1st movement - allegro
K 279
Daniel Barenboim 

Hope your weekend is just right!
Not too fast; not too slow;
Just like Goldilocks!


  1. I put on some Mozart Piano Sonatas
    (Daniel Barenboim playing) ♪♫♬♫
    Candles burning.... lots of ambiance!
    Life is good - at this moment!
    Until the coffee wears off.....
    Better go get myself another cup!
    ☕☕☕ or two!
    Care to join me?

  2. I love classical...so relaxing!!! I listen to it in my car, and at home too. Like yesterday, just felt kind of stressed so I put on the classical and sat down and colored in a Peanuts Halloween coloring book (I dont have any young children either, I bought it for me!!). Coffee ofcourse, with the delish heavy cream, naturally!

  3. Those are the CUTEST coffee mugs!

  4. I love the cups too :)

    And hi... I haven't been around in awhile! I'll be back more often. I love your food pics!

  5. I have no praise for the cups,not intocups; mugs however, I like a good mug.

    Weekend rocked, looking forward to a rock'n week.

  6. la la la llllaaaa!!! Loving the music!!

  7. Have a great week my friend.....:-)Hugs

  8. I love you coffee mugs!!

    I hope you have a great week! :)


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