21 September 2010

fitness around town

There ya go, then!
Sign says "Fitness" and "No Outlet"

Bitch, please!

It's beginning to look alot like...

... Christmas in the Metropolis

Think "Pink" already

Once a knight...  is enough

Fast - growing hair
(Hair for days)

Te Splendor on a plate 
Bacon + Cheese + Angus Chuck patty
Topped with Guacamole!
Seen here in my super-clean apartment!
Stopped having whey protein mixes....
Don't know why...... just stopped for now!
Now I have egg whites for a mix,
And even cook with them.
Lately, too sick to eat too much of anything.
I take that out on my body, as well.
I'm just now learning how to drive my 
"new" self - need a little more training!
Hope you are having a day!
And maybe even a week!


  1. Always love to see your pics. Your apartment really is super clean. Food looks yummy.

    Feel better. I am going to catch up on your psots.

  2. Slow and easy girlfriend. You are doing great.

    Love seeing pictures of your apartment. :)

  3. Spiderman on the windshield? He needs a Plantgirl to hang with. :D

    All those knights is cool. Was that once considered workout gear?

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  5. Huh, the holidays are coming? SOoonn??

  6. I love your davenport! Sofa? Couch?

  7. are you sick? or tired? or sick and tired? Geez, christmas stuff already? We are not opening our christmas store until Nov 1, maybe we should rethink that?

  8. Sorry you're sick :( Feel better soon!
    You still have great post lol!!! When I'm sick I'm nowhere to be found :)


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