07 September 2010

walk on by

Nom nom nom - chillin inside for sure!

My cell phone reminds me everyday what not to do.
People ask me "Who is that?" 
Yo - dude - it's me!

Lovely cool day - rainy and cozy.
It's a  "wish you were here" type day.

Went to the store - it's a rainy day thing to do
Always a crowd at the store when it rains.

Walk on by - no grief noted

A pretty good LoCarb stash indeed

Meanwhile, back in the fridge - 
All kinds of tea, Monster, RockStar, German Beer, coffee

A vast array of sugar-free jellies. A vast array of salad dressings.
Ghee, (which is clarified butter) hot sauces (not too hot!)

Every kind of vinegar and steak sauce. Also some cooking wines. *hic*

Every kind of spice and sweetener.... chia seeds, cooking items
EVOO, and all flavours of extracts

Coconut oil, broths, sugar-free DaVinci syrups - all kinds.
and jars and jars of protein

And chicken breast, fish - all kinds, and brats
whose - I can't say.... lol!
YouTube Video
"Walk On By"
love this!
This month is going to be a "back to basics" month
for me. After my bun fiasco, I broke my losing stride.
Took time off to rest the stress.
Now, it's back to work.
We are about 100 days out from the holiday season.
Yikes! Good time to prepare.
Now gotta go peel me a grape!

You Tube
Diana Krall


  1. What a great post, catching up on a few, love the hair one, and being raised by hippies obviously was a good thing, because you are one of the nicest ladies I have ever not met yet. thanks for continually being an inspiration. hugs.

  2. OMG--You are my hero! I would never be brave enough to photograph my fridge. Not so much because of the food selections but because of all the crusties and moldies going on inside. You have definitely motivated me to clean out my fridge (guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend).

    I had never listened to Diana Krall before, so thanks for the introduction. She's really good. If you get a chance, you ought to check out Cyndi Lauper's version of "Walk On By." It's incredible. It's from her album "At Last," where she does her version of her favorite standards/classics.

  3. Love the fridge peek :)

    Mine is mostly embarrassingly empty cos I hate shopping!

  4. You've been eating lo carb for so long, I bet that ice cream tasted like cardboard to you ...

  5. I feel so dirty, seeing the lab and all, where you conjure up the eats...Needs a shower now...Wondering why the spaghettios are hard to pass up ? You are from the South, fo shaw...

  6. I hear ya about getting back to the basics- I really need to do that too.

  7. What a lovely cupboard, Ms. Hubbard! Oh, and I love Diana, too.

  8. Excuse me, did you say you have Rock Star? Because I am out and I'd give my left kidney for a Rock Star right now. :)

    Yesterday was a "wish you were here" kind of day. I love a stormy day.

    Thanks for the peak at the pantry and fridge. I was thinking of doing a "meet my kitchen" post soon. Guess I should tidy up a bit first. :)

  9. Anne, did I miss something? What's the holiday challenge? I just saw the picture.

  10. Diana Krall has been one of my favorites for years. She is one great singer and musician. I was playing CDs with her singing when I met hubby and introduced him to her music and she became a favorite of his too. Sugar free jelly to go with what or on what? Teach me what to put it on if no bread. I can't tell you how great you look driving and looking calm and happy and healthy.

  11. TechnoBabe - the jelly is good for glazes -
    apricot and orange marmelade on chicken....for example.
    Also, I mix a little up with some peanut butter,
    and/or cream cheese for a sweet treat!

    Kelly, You didn't miss the Holiday Challenge
    except it says "Start now - you'll be glad you did!"
    With the heat and all, it's hard to imagine that
    the holidays will be here soooo soon!
    Oh, and, I'll save you a Rock Star!

  12. Hey Anne, I bought some Chia Seeds...now what do I do with then...YIKES?

  13. Anne,

    Mad was staring at those cloudy skies just yesterday! She was in Austin briefly and got caught in a major storm!

    re: your picture

    You've come a long, long way, my friend. I hope you feel proud of your accomplishment. You're a real inspiration. :-)

  14. Raining here, too. Definitely feels like fall. I need to clean out my refrigerator. Soon.

  15. I love Diana, too. I have to buy this cd now :)

    I love the "wish you were here" line. This weather makes me think of fall and sweaters and socks...then I step outside, well, soon the real fall weather will be here, right?

    Hope you are safe. The weather guy said tornados are up near Dallas. Take care!

    Did that onion sprout in your frig? Everything looks so neat and clean - sparklee!

  16. You
    have to mention
    that most dreaded of all
    holiday season

    must think fall
    not the action
    the season


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