18 September 2010

shiver me timbers!

Good Morning, Texans (and others!)

Talk about your bumpy road -
I see alot whilst driving out and about

This guy was having a bad day
no doubt
Then suddenly, a car burst into flames 
in the parking lot here

Big time explosions!
No one was hurt

Lots of these are closing

Out with the old, eh?

Have a good weekend, 
Ye Scurvy Dogs!

"Talk Like a Pirate Day"
For the whole weekend!


  1. Arrrgh! Them be some mighty exitin' pictures of land vessels! I be glad no scallywags was hurt! :)

  2. Ahoy, matey! Hope your weekend is YOHOHO!

  3. Avast ye, matey! Yo ho ho and a bottle o rum! Argghh! Savvy? On this ship, we speak pirate ..Aye! Planning to celebrate our day tomorrow--we will release our inner pirate-climb to ye top of ol mast and shiver the timbers...Yarrrrrrr

    Master and Commander is a fantastic movie starring Russel Crowe and it's not exactly about pirates, but is on the viewing menu for tomorrow and lots of pirate lingo.

  4. When I lived in Illinois, I used to tell my BFF that I don't have to stop at tolls because I have my I-Pass. She always thought I was saying eye-patch. So now I always say, "I have my I-Patch, arrggh!

  5. Ahoy, ye lo-carb blogger....arrrggh matey. Have a nice weekend, Anne.

  6. Out with the old, in with the new, like you.

  7. how did that Jeep get up on that rock??? Alcohol involved??

  8. Roughday for vehicles aroundyou this day. Blockbuster, a dying breed. Yet I see those red box dvd vending machines popping up everywhere, go figure.

  9. Hope you have a grand weekend, Anne! Lots of excitement in your neck of the woods!


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