19 September 2010

legends of fall

The moon last night

Ready to construct something
Maybe my life?

Ancillary items at the grocery store


Yuk - a root

The autumn flag colors

The other 4 food groups
Candy, cokes, chips and fast food and alcohol

My neighbors must have heard my silent call for help
They rallied around and cleaned - deep cleaning!
Moved furniture..... loads of laundry..... dishes......
It took 3 people many long hours....
Wow - that's one less thing to worry about!
(Thank you!)

Since I moved in April, I never even hung the pictures
Or finished unpacking....
I'm getting there.... bit by bit.


  1. Your neighbours come and clean your house?! wow!

  2. It's win-win, actually!
    They are just glad to see me emerge from a long winter!

  3. Over here in our little hippie house we keep changing things around. Been here two years and this week I took the drapes out of the bedroom and put them in the living room. And changed some pictures on the walls too. And changed a rug. Every few months I find something to change and "make better". Gads, hubby and I are constantly changing, he is just like me. I could come to your place and hang pictures. I am sorry that you have been in a place within you that you are having trouble coping. I don't know exactly what it is but I do know you have been having something going on and I am really glad you have kind neighbors who want to help you with some things so you can feel better.

  4. Sometimes tasks build up and it all seems just too much. Just like everything else, step by step is the way to achieve success, but we want it all and now. Your neighbours must love you...I'm glad.

  5. I'm glad your neighbors were there to lend a hand. What a wonderful network of friends you have!

  6. I just made some collards tonight for dinner, but that squash is looking mighty yummy!

  7. Wow- you must have some nice neighbors! It always feels good to have a clean house...now if only my neighbors were as generous... ;)

  8. woah! are those neighbors for hire? They sure do like you and you them to I bet.

  9. These are the one who heard a gunshot and thought I shot myself.
    They really care about me and try to help.
    Plus I pay them..... win-win!

  10. Hi Anne - glad you're getting things done. I bet it's a load off your shoulders...that always feels good!

  11. Sorry to see you were feeling overwhelmed... I hope you feel better now :)
    It's so nice that you have people that care about you like that.
    Sounds like a great win-win.

  12. Anne, so glad you had some help with all your cleaning, my girlfriends and I used to do the same things. we would take turns at each others places.
    hope you have a good week, think of you lots.hugs.

  13. That moon picture is amazing. Amazing I say... makes me want to be a werewolf for halloween.

  14. Wish i had neighbours like that :)

  15. I am not a picture gal, I have one picture hung in my entire house!!!


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