30 September 2010

micro huevos

YouTube video
"Micro Huevos"
how to cook an egg in the microwave -
Anyone can do this!
It takes 2 or 3 minutes.
No excuse not to have a hot breakfast...
As it were... and only because someone asked
once upon a time! Another ridiculous video by me!

They released balloons when the patient died today!
Fly, fly fly!

In unrelated news, I put these fun stars all over the ceiling.

The most beautiful sky today!

Shocking pink scrubs

And this awesome tuna salad - too good!
10,000 steps are my norm by now...
And 2 liters of water minimum.
What a day!
Hope yours is as good ...
in every way you wish it to be!


  1. Where can I go to get my 2 minutes and 53 seconds back that I spent watching you cook and egg. I thought porn, humor, pathos, I got eggs. Are there many people online that can create a blog, operate a computer and not make an egg. OMG, it was riveting, until the shells got into the bowl, and you forgot the salt and pepper and hot sauce. And finally, the mandatory money shot, with the phallus of cooked bolgna... Love that.. Yeah, brats are hot bologna... Love ya

  2. I have never nuked eggs, hummm mayhaps me try it!!!

  3. Hey, your scrubs match the flowers! Must mean you've got it going on Anne!

  4. Where did you get the glow in the dark stars? One of my favorite things about my Grandma's old house was her bathroom which had glow in the dark stars & moons all over it. The ceiling was sprayed with a light glitter spray and then the stickers attached. It fascinated me. I wonder if the new owners kept them? I also wonder why Grandma didn't do this in her new house????

  5. My 9 yr old daughter and I were riveted *smile*. She loved that you used pepperjack cheese (or we thought that's what it was).

  6. Whenever I make eggs in the microwave they blow up! I used to have those stars on my ceiling when I was young at home. :)

  7. Meh - I only blog because it takes my mind off of killing myself....
    (No - really!)
    There were no shells in the egg - at least I can tell ya that much.
    Oh - I guess the part where I double dipped the fork.
    Well then, there ya go. But still no shells.
    I usually don't even stir it - or even eat it...
    And worse, I don't even give a shit.

  8. I love Anne... Public service egg cooking.. Wondering if you ever tried Salmon in the dishwasher... I saw Julia Child do it... Wow...

  9. I have those stars in my home office which was the former owner's teen age daughter 's bedroom. Teenie had pink roseish walls, stars on the ceiling, and a peace sign on the mirror on the back of the door. I've kept it this way. With my ocd mama, I had white walls and white curtains....I like this girly stuff.

  10. Every morning I make me an egg sandwich in the mic. Only takes me a minute. I use the South Western style egg beaters (love them) I spray with pam and while the eggs are cooking for 50 seconds I am toasting an Alternative bagel from Wal-Mart (only 110 calories) Once the bagel is warm I put a slice of low fat sliced cheese on it and then the egg. Very yummy. Love mic eggs. The best!

  11. we have those stars on our bedroom ceiling
    always help me get to sleep
    make a wish or two and the Zs happen

    fly fly balloons
    fly fly spirit
    fly fly softly go now

    pretty in pink
    suits your coloring

  12. Love the pink scrubs and I also love the fact you let balloons fly after someone passed away, what a nice thing to do.
    I did scramble my eggs in the microwave my friend, they are quick and good....:-)Hugs

  13. One of the first things I did when I got my own place was put those stars all over my son's ceiling. I should have done mine too!
    I honestly never even thought of putting eggs in the mic, and now I know it can be done! Thanks! I always LOVE your videos :)
    You must be tall... if I had a mic on my fridge, I would spill food all over myself... can you imagine me with that egg on my head???
    :) Thanks for post, they always make me smile. That On the Beam was a good one too :)

  14. I used to love making scrambled eggs in the microwave, as a kid. Now, my son does it.

  15. I'm sensing a theme ... fried egg reflectors, nuked eggs ... eggsellent. I saw Giada make a tuna salad that I am going to try ... tuna, chopped artichoke hearts, black olives, etc. She put this on a humus-spread roll with a little baby arugala. The guests seem to love it (one woman had THREE of the sandwiches).

    Thanks for the emails! Do you have a favorite? I'm leaning to the blue framed, but I didn't consider the vertical format, and that may work too. I have until weigh-in to decide. I appreciate your help, Anne. Thank you!

  16. Hmm, maybe eggs for dinner tonight.


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