23 September 2010

unusual day

At the local Race Trac 
(As in: convenience store)

Also this "yummy" coffee!
Wonder who's DNA is in there?
And the lights were out in the bathroom,
so it was pitch-black in there!
*oh, well*

Several streets had red paint all over them!


They look better this way!

Can you Canoe?
(No, I found out I can't!)

How School Crossing Guards get to work

A yummy salad on what would have been my 500th day of blogging.
But I took time off last year..... which didn't help the situation at all.
But at least I have 500+ days of solid LoCarb.
With every now and then, a wee little detour.
(It's all good!)

How many million people blog?
Isn't blog-land a great-big ol' place?
Should be big enough, no?


  1. Some 550 days on LoCarb.
    Plateau, plateau, plateau - then boom!

  2. You need to get us closer shots of that salad. I am trying to smeel it, bt just can't quite make it out yet. Is that, hmm, yeah is that a hint of garlic in the dressing?

  3. MMMmmm..... garlicky!

  4. Salad, yummy where is the blue cheese !!! Awesome, 550 days, anything with a face... Your arteries must be bursting with love !!! LMAO !!!

  5. They do look better!
    But you look Great!

  6. I love blog land. I would have about 750 days myself if i would quit deleting too. Don't want to delet anymore. That's why I keep it a bit more private. No self pics, nobody in my daily life knows. I like it better that way. Before I told people and got some pretty crappy stuff said to my face. It is a little like people reading your diary, or at least I think of it that way.

    I adore your blog and wish my little dog & pony show was as talented as yours (html wise).

  7. Yummy Salad
    And ya, blogland is great!!

  8. Your apartment looks great. Comfy.

  9. Got my fork ready, now pass the salad :)

  10. That paint on the road scared my..looks like blood.YIKES!

  11. 550 days?! Fantastic! Keep on keeping on! Onward to 1,000! :-)

  12. the paint made me think of blood too!!! acck!! And what hideous poltergeist is floating alarmingly near to the crossing guard?! hehehe...
    Today is my 85th day on low carb!! I admire your 550 DANNGGGG!!!!

  13. Veggie-licous!! I love the look of your salad. Bravo on the 550 days of low carb. You are a rock star, Miss "I wear mediums now"!!!

  14. Blogland is great. A glow-in-the-dark skeltor, huh? You should have taken it into the washroom. :D

  15. Love your blog. Glad I found it

  16. I love blogland! Blogging saved my life! Lol! :)


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