28 September 2010

why don't we

No one will be watching us - 

Why don't we do it in the road?

Looks like Dr Suess Hat, with miles of fried eggs (construction reflectors)

Best salad ever?

Yes, I think it was!

My right arm picking up some definition!
And losing some bulky bulk. 
The little bumpy wrist bones are back!

I love the cooler weather, too.
The sky was never more blue.

I can walk outside without fear. 
Fear of passing out, like when they clobbered Sophia
in The Color Purple, and she woke up in prison.

(And by the way, I happen to think Spielberg is Enlightended!)

Drinking water - one glass full at time - bolus style.
I love the energy it seems to have given me!
(That, and Monster drinks, right?)
I once sipped water here and there - all day long.

I drink distilled water - I distill it myself.
I add a pinch of Mediterranean Sea Salt
to the 16 ounce jug o' water I drink 3 - 4 times a day.
Stave off leg cramps, as it were.

The Beatles
Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

Hope your week is blissful and insanely happy!


  1. And to answer a previous question -
    Yes! I was born blonde.
    And stayed blonde until I went to University.
    Then it seemed to turn gray, almost overnight!
    I probably GAVE my Professors more gray hairs, though!

  2. That salad did look like the best one ever. glad it has cooled off for you. Take care, always a pleasure coming here. I finally have quit fooling around and giving it my all. hugs dear friend.

  3. I want blissful and insanely happy!

  4. Sorry you had the best salad ever; it's all downhill from here, I guess...

  5. why distilled water?? Enquiring minds want to know

  6. Fried eggs... I love my eggs sunny side up. It makes me Insanely Happy!

  7. beautiful little Dr Suess fried eggs
    makes me hungry

    beautiful wrist bumps and arm definition
    makes me proud

    beautiful, sunny, fall day in Minnesota
    makes me happy

    having computer access and catching up
    makes us connected

  8. Hope your week rocks, Anne!

    Yay re: the cooler weather. Over here we're actually experiencing a heat wave of sorts. Actually had to break out the fan to sleep comfortably last night. Very unusual!

  9. Those do look like a line of fried eggs. Interesting. I was the Cat in the Hat for Halloween one year when I lived in NYC. I went down to the Village to the parade and who did I meet? Why Thing1 and Thing2. Fabulous!

  10. Oh, man! I have another blog called Lost and Lonely Leftovers where I post pictures of food that's been left in strange places, and I was so excited to ask you to use the egg pictures. But they're not really eggs! Totally had me fooled.

  11. Does look like a yummy salad!
    Do look just like eggs!!!
    Arm looks awesome!!!
    Have a great day! :)

  12. I like my eggs green, but not my ham. Suess forever!

  13. Pickle juice-will stave off ALL cramps! ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  14. Very fun post, Anne! The salad looked yummy. The reflectors resembled eggs. And congrats on the newly re-emberging wrist bones! I'm looking at my wrist right now. No bumps yet, but I know they're under there ...


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