06 September 2010

weapon of choice

If you walk without rhythm,

It won't attract the worm...

Bag Bag Ice
Duck Duck Goose

Can't beat the prices here!

All the comforts of running water

Big plans for the electric company as well

This "java in a jar" is pretty good.  
Almond milk (unsweetened)
Instant coffee (Tasters Choice Gourmet Roast)
(flavor of the day)

"Lick the plate" goodness
Green beans w/ Italian Dressing 
and red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese
Ground Chuck w/ SF BBQ sauce
 Hallman's Bear Creek Brand is great! (link)
My fave LoCarb Store has it too...
Weapon Of Choice
YouTube Video
Fat Boy Slim
There was a drive-by the other day...
One of my neighbors thought I shot myself...
How bizarre - Twice - with 2 different neighbors!
Still alive, at is were....
Thanks for the concern, though!
And just so You know, I don't even own a gun.
Hope you are having a wonderful, healthy happy day!


  1. Happy Labor Day - don't labor too much!

  2. Hamburger and string beans ? We need to upgrade some of your foods. Not change, just the prep. Are ya ready to jazz up the stuff... That's Allan with a small a...

  3. How scary about the drive by- glad you're ok!

  4. at first I thought? Dune reference? Tremors reference? AHHhhhh! Christopher Walken./fat boy slim.

    You know , it probably makes you pause when your neighbors think every gun shot is, you self inflicting. maybe you need a new neighborhood so no more drive bys. ( My nick name in high school was Doomie--I was pretty depressed and negative I guess.I had issues.)

  5. I am so use to hearing a drive-by
    that no one even reacts any more.
    My neighborhood is actually very safe....
    And my neighbors handle me with "kid gloves."
    They are very supportive (mostly)
    I guess they think that if they upset me
    I might eat a Snickers Bar or something!

    Click here for Drama Music!

  6. I'll have to try that coffee in a jar :) Although i'd use instant espresso! Oh and i guess i'd have to buy some sf syrups, i've been meaning to do that for a while. Must stop procrastinating!

  7. I want to buy gas in Texas! Oh wait, "buy" wouldn't be the right term ...

  8. My daughter-in-law and son are in labor today. It IS A JOYOUS HAPPY DAY!!!!

    I love your blog! And you're right about avoiding the worm. Makes me think of the movie, "Tremors". After my son watched it as a child (YIKES!), he claimed to have left a "tremor in the potty." (yikesX2)

    Cross your fingers (or say a quick prayer), please, for my new grandbaby, may she find her way into the world, safely.

    Love ya!

  9. Congrats Robin on the family laboring! Fingers crossed and prayers have been sent for the new grandbaby.

    I had no idea Christopher Walkens can dance! What a cool dude. Now the walkin' without rhythm and worm comments make sense to me :)

    p.s. the chipmunk drama music clip just took it to the next level for me.
    God I love you! Have a great labor day yourself xoxoxo Annie

  10. Got to love Christopher Walken. Almost always good. Even in small roles. An old favorite from the 90's, "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead". Great title too.

    Got an address for that gas station? Might be worth the trip. :-)

    Hope your Labor Day rocks, Anne!

  11. Gas is $1.18 a litre here today...hmmm, I like your prices better. The green beans sound divine... one of my favourite veggies. Haven't tried them your way, but I will now ... especially the red pepper flakes for the kick.

  12. gas here is $3.98/gal
    don't heed Allan too much
    your grub look delicious
    smells good too

    like PJ I thought Dune too
    must see CW dance
    on my list

    may your weekend
    wind down
    with grace


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