24 September 2010

simple v easy

It's a vlog!

Watch for the next in the series...
"It's way too hard to do!"
And last (but never least)
"I did it!"
Please to excuse the not-so-steady cam!
And thanks everyone for the kind and supportive comments
on my induction story post!
We are all in this together, and we have all come a long way!
Got "big" plans for the weekend?
Be safe, and have fun!


  1. A vlog! Everybody's doin' it! ('cept me. I don't know how.) Love your accent .. rayunch!

    Hmm, and you've reminded me - I have a rebounder somewhere. I must hunt it out and put it somewhere where I can't miss it! And USE it!

  2. Oh Anne...you always make me smile! ;-)

    (And I passed on an award to you today for being "A Blog With Substance.")

    Bounce happy, friend!

  3. Where is that heavy Texan accent???? My friend from Texas phoned the other day and I couldn't understand a word they said, but I could make out your every word. Must be that awesome voice training you've had.

  4. Dawne: Not only the vocal training,
    fa la la ♬♫♬♪♫ -
    But I have special Canadian Cross-Over Training
    Whereby Canadians can automatically understand me!

    Karyn: Yay! Thank You Sooo Much for the Award!
    I'm honored! I will try to to my best.

  5. Ranch has two syllables-- That made me smile.

    Your apartment is looking good Anne. And the rebounder-- I had one of those 20 years ago. I wonder if I could still do it without breaking my neck :-)

    Happy weekend. jj

  6. Ra-anch dressing must be southern style dressing. Ha. You could jump up and down, hold the darn camera, and talk and not huff and puff. Dang.

  7. I love your accent, too! :) Loved the vlog. I always have tons of salad dressing in my fridge- just don't look at the expiration dates- eek! Sometimes I forget about them...lol

  8. Hi honey I'm home!!!...You know we are all waiting on the other side of that door for you to come home and talk to us! The room might look empty but we are all lined up front and center to get our Anne fix. Time management is the ticket! You are so efficient with all you do...burn a few calories while the meat is on the grill go and change into your blogging outfit. BTW Your hair looked super good with the refrigerator lighting :)

    Looking forward to more vlogs...Happy Weekend. Hope you don't have too much charting waiting for you.

  9. We must be sisters! I have the same dimple (in the face)! Did I see Green Goddess dressing in your fridge? I loved that dressing before I knew about the egg/milk allergy!

    If you ask me, though, you seem a little jumpy! HAHAHAHAHA! I kill me!

  10. Ray-unch (ranch)
    Green goddess
    Catalina (my fave)
    evoo + balsamic vinegar
    1,000 island
    Just to name a few of the usual dressings -
    Don't look - the salad is dressing!

  11. Totally love your accent. You are too funny, Anne..bounce, bounce, bounce...love your Vlog. A little Blair Witch Project, but not too shaky. Can't wait for the next Vlog.

  12. I like Ray-unch too, and blue cheese, and creamy ceasar and just plain hellman's mayo--now that Im a lowcarb chick I can do like my grandparents did and toss my salad with hellmans!!! Loved the vlog!


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