13 September 2010

color my world

Another day, another hen party on the veranda.
Curl up and dye, anyone?

Ali wants to go even blonder yet!

High*lights here, low*lights there - not too shabby!

It's a "beach bum" blonde ....
Not "doll's hair" blonde; not straw...

⇧ Before, here;  then last week ⇧
Went from walnut to chestnut - 
Now Blondie!

Ali said this color was exactly what she was visualizing.
Me too. Yay!

Not all Texans have hats.  Not all have bunny rabbits, either.
Ali just happens to have both!
See? Blondes have more fun!
Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs!
Talk Like A Pirate Day, right?
*Yeah, right! That's it!*


  1. cute color..love it. Now she needs some hot pink or purple!...lol

  2. Notice the bunny is scared around the lo-carb girls.. Yummy, dinner

  3. I feel so bad today -
    maybe one of the worst days of my nursing career.
    I would scrap it all and carry a sign for my job, and eat carbs -
    but not bunnies- on a day such as this.....
    Might just go on to bed.... at 7pm....
    Migraine..... yukky..... angst....
    Goodnight everyone!

    But the hair DID turn out just right!

  4. Great job on the hair! Hope you feel better ASAP. :(

  5. Sorry you are sad. Get better and smile...

  6. sorry you had a bad day (((hugs)))

  7. Did the bunny come with the hair color? Shouldn't the hare's color match the color of the hair?

    Be well...

  8. Ali looks happy with the change, and the hair looks wonderful. You did a great job on the hair. Ali's bunny is darling. I thought about getting a rabbit but I heard they chew on electrical wires, and with all the electronics here we have wires around that would be dangerous for a bunny. Love the color of Ali's bunny though.

  9. HOpe you're feeling better!! and wow thats a huge rabbit. Wish we were closer, I could use a color-guru!

  10. Love the hair!

    ((hugs)) for the migraine


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