23 September 2010


My weight-loss story is probably not like yours.
I never looked in the mirror one day, disgusted by my body,
 and said  "By Golly! Time for a change!" 

Nope - that would be too easy!

My weight-loss story started when 
I went on vacation in March 2009.
About a year and a half ago.
 Got stuck in a massive snow storm.
For over 2 weeks I was stranded -
No power at times...
No cooking, no driving.... no nothing!
Ate hard-boiled eggs and beef jerky!
Just water - and protein shakes....

Walking the beach in Oceanside, CA...
Roaming the streets of Temecula, CA...
Hiking the pathways in Sedona, AZ...
Hiking the trails in Marble City AZ...
Walking the sidewalks in Sante Fe NM...
Hiking in Carlsbad Caverns, NM...

I came back some 15 pounds lighter.
Had a little tan going on.
Everyone thought I had gone for a LapBand!
Maybe a week at a Spa? By*Pass?

Noooooo.... just the "Dumb-Luck Diet!"
So I decided to stay on the plan.  After all, 
I had just gone through Atkins Induction Phase
and Boot Camp!

That's how I came to be here, blogging, too.
Hence the name Carb Tripper.
I never weighed myself  "before"
I guessed 205.
But some old office records had me at 215 pounds.
Some guesses were as high as 230 pounds!
I am only 5'2"

My shirts were 24 W ...
Pants 48 waist....
Scrubs size 2x!
Care to take a guess?
(Size doesn't matter, right?)
Now-A-Days I think of it as a work in progress.
And for anyone who doesn't already know -

I'll be 50 years old in November!

 I was humiliated once.
While I was in the Grand Canyon,
I wanted to ride the mules.
But they have a 230 pound limit.
So they told me no.
I didn't even weigh to "prove" them wrong.
Cuz I wondered if they were right.
Just tore me up.  No mules.
A beautiful sunset near La Jolla , California

Thanks for reading, everyone!
I love, love, love it when you take the time to comment!
Hope your day is going great!


  1. My Induction Story -
    For anyone who doesn't know -
    And cares to ask!

  2. Hey Anne...we're taking a trip to the Grand Canyon next month. I wish I would have started this a year ago. Any plans to go back and ride the mule?

  3. Thanks for posting and sharing who you are Anne. So many interesting people in the world. I'm glad for blogging, for the opportunity it gives to meet some pretty darn neat people!!

  4. Standing ovation, high five and a great big Woo-Hoo to you Anne. To say you've come a long way to an understatement.
    Rock on!
    xo jj

  5. You've come a long way, Anne! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! :-)

  6. woah! I was just thinking about those mules this morning! I want to ride them too.

  7. Mules, mules, everywhere!
    Yes, and I'm looking for someone to ride with me!

  8. I used to live in Oceanside, CA & worked in Temecula... was that you I saw by the Dairy Queen, you had dreadlocks then, right?

    Your story is cool, very cool and very original, which is what we'd expect from you.

    Now please, post some of those old pics of you in dreadlocks.

  9. love this post! yes i lost weight by accident, too, and that's when i realized i could do this :):):)

  10. I also loved this post. I loved hearing your story, your honesty and your personality simply shone through. You've come so far and I'm so happy for you and your dumb luck Anne.

  11. What a cool story. I wish I had one as good as yours... I think you are awesome!

  12. What a fabulous journey you have had. I think I saw that exact sunset lat June when I was at La Jolla standing on the sidewalk looking into the water. Cool isn't it:)

  13. You're right, that's a unique weight loss journey alright!!!

    Thanks for posting this :) Being kind of new I feel like i know you better! I'll have to follow that link and learn more!

    Also great pics of your apartment, love those spatulas :)

  14. I like that, a work in progress. Sounds like you stumbled into this journey

  15. I love that you didn't come to low-carb through body-hatred. I think that happens too often.

    It makes me sad that so many women cite feeling disgusted with themselves as motivation.

    I didn't own a scale either when I started. I just wanted to kick some knee pain in the butt and keep from developing diabetes like my Dad. (Not that weight-loss isn't a great motivation, but it's certainly not the only one or the most important one.)

  16. Tracey - it's ironic that I doubt myself now,
    and even dislike myself at times now,
    since I've lost weight!

  17. I keep wondering how it took me so long to get to you blog. Kind of like the neighbor two doors over that you've never met and one day find yourself having coffee with and regretting you didn't do it a year ago. Glad I found my way here.

  18. Anne you have come so far, I am so very proud of you, for all your hard work and for being one amazing person along the way. I hope you find peace that you seek...as far as disliking yourself, maybe you just need to find whom you really are now that the armor has come off. I think you are going to be just fab at 50, more fab than you are right now. hugs

  19. Thanks, Cinner - find out who I am..... and who I'm not, I guess!

  20. What an interesting story! I'd glad you gave the link, I had missed reading that. Yes, it IS a different way to get started... what is that word? Serendipitous.

    One of my favorite memories as a kid when we went on our one big family vacations was Carlsbad Caverns. My goal is to be able to go there again, when I can walk it. A most gorgeous place, and the bats swooping out of the cave at sunset are amazing.

    Rent-A-Dog... too funny!

  21. Loved to read that story- you look great!

  22. Im feeling a little Faklept....

  23. Wow, what a journey and thanks for sharing it Anne. I love reading your site!

  24. Anne, I needed this blog today. Thank you!! Your story is amazing and up lifting.

  25. Wow. Thanks for the link. I always wondered about "Carb Tripper" origin and meaning!

    I am 54, have been low carbing for the last 8 months and feel great! Hiking, biking, walking, & strength training now...after feeling nearly crippled before. My one exception to low carb is seasonal organic fruit that I grow in my own little orchard-on-an-acre. Peaches, cherries, plums, apricots, apples, blackberries and raspberries. For some reason (?) the fruit as my only carb hasn't seemed to slow my weight loss or create cravings. I've lost 70 lbs so far.

    I love your blog!!! Your photos and insights make me smile and remember to look for the goddess (Being, Presence, Consciousness, god, whatever) in everyday life. In fact, experiencing your blog each day=my mini meditation.

    Thank you for letting us peek at the world through your eyes. Your are a beautiful soul, inside and out.


  26. love it!!!! and you do not look 50 at all... or even nearly

  27. Really interesting to know more about how you began your journey in weight loss. And the name of your blog has special meaning now too.

  28. What a wild way to start your journey - love that you went along with it after you got home!

  29. Good God, woman, did we journey along the path of life together at another time? sedona, grandcanyon, la jolla YES check check check ..always wanted to do NM other than just to drive through it...trapped in a snow storm ..yes twice and always while on vacation ...but I always got me some treats.....

    good for you

    I'M 5'2 , turning 48 next friday .

  30. I remember reading that post last year. (Just had to check, and yes, I commented! Hardboiled eggs and Atkins shakes). You've come a long way, and so have I. Keep on blogging Anne, you're a daily inspiration.

  31. Anne, you can really see the difference. By the way, were you born blonde, because it suits you so much. Thanks for the warning about the mules...that wouldn't be fun. Woo hoo...a hottie at 50! Way to go, Anne and keep it up. You are amazing!

  32. Hey thanks for filling us in on that....I read your vacation story and then came back to this post. When you had said your weight loss story wasnt like most anyone elses, I wondered what you meant. Sounded a bit cryptic!! hehe!! So accidental induction--what are the odds?!
    And hey, you are probably a good 3 inches taller than me!! I like to tell folks Im "5ft even" but honestly, thats standing up ramrod straight on a good day!
    You look wonderful, though I realize thats literally and figuratively "just scratching the surface" of this journey we are all on.
    Hope you have a fab weekend Anne,


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