21 September 2010

cake walk

And I don't even like chocolate!
I ate it like I liked it, though.
4 chunks of old stale cake.
From last week.

Not just a photo - op;
I really ate it.
(Don't double dog dare a dumb ass!)

Partly cloudy?
I only seem to see the clouds.


Trees and the pseudo forest. I already know.


Some meaning is missing. Or joy.
I have "failure to thrive" these days.

Trucky is getting new spark plugs.
She mirrors my condition.
Some kind of feeling -
I can't name it - anxiety?
Remorse? Something in the past 
Projected into the future.
This just in: $400 later for Trucky
It ain't nothing but a thang, right?

My boss thinks I have an eating disorder.
Really? What was your first clue?
She also thinks blogging is bad for me right now.
Cake and innuendo and being upset.
So no more cake.
 And I already know.


  1. What no pix from the after...hmm

  2. After was just a sugar rush and a big-time headache!
    Coffee and Advil for dinner tonight!

  3. O.k...since you know already, I won't say anything about it :)

    It's going to be o.k Anne. We just have to keep moving forward. Storms don't last always....they really don't (hey, I'm telling myself the same thing).

    You're not alone.

  4. I'm sorta in a funk too. Enough of this...we deserve better.

  5. Yes, the headache. Yuck. You are trying things here and there, trying to find your place, your niche.

  6. I hear chocolate can be a natural anti-depressant!
    Yeah i hear you on what you felt like after.

  7. I have that same kind of can't put my finger on it feeling going on these past few days. Does feel like a hurricane is a coming. Nothing to do but sit it out. I thought playing pirates would help but it was just a distraction. Next year I hope to put more heart into it. Wish it was as easy to replace my spark plugs like trucky. Partly cloudy here too. Sitting with you girlfriend.

  8. p.s. Your boss doesn't know what she is talking about!

  9. I hope you get out of your funk my friend, keep going ahead. hugs.

  10. Thanks, y'all!
    I've been trying to walk it off all afternoon...
    And flush it out with lots of water...
    And wait it out.
    At least I don't berate myself.... nope - not one bit!

    Now I remember why I don't "do" carbs -
    Coming down from the "high" or rush is just not worth it....
    It's a cheap distraction and doesn't satisfy...
    But distraction from what?
    I already know.

  11. You did not look like you felt very well after your cake! I was in a funk recently and I read some funny books. Nothing that was too heavy, just fun. I read a book called, "Bless your heart, TRAMP." It was just a compilation of columns from a newspaper. It had no substance. Nothing very thought provoking, and I laughed. A. Lot.

    It didn't fix everything that needs fixing, but it wasn't pulling me down further.

  12. Oh that boss comment has me fired up! But Momma taught me to be nice, so I will be. Hope you and Trucky can feel better, maybe you should take a road trip together :)

  13. Definitely don't quit blogging- I think it's a great outlet to get your thoughts and feelings out there. We all eat things we know that we shouldn't once in a while. Just keep moving along!

  14. Anne,

    Sometimes only a hug will do. So, hugs for you.

    Hang in there, friend. You won't be the only with long arms. I've got 'em too. :-)

  15. hope you're feeling better today...i almost had a bingey thing yesterday myself. Im right along with Harry sending you another hug because one can never have too many of those!

  16. Hugs, Anne. No recriminations. What's done is done and moving on.


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