13 November 2010

hiking day

A wee little bit of rain to start the day
And a wee bit chilly...

There's a saying in the Army
for dealing with obstacles:
"It ain't no hill, to a climber!"

But being a Spiked Hair (and Blonde)
 "Older Woman" now,
I decided to start the day off with a hike 
to the base of  a waterfall in PetitJean State Park.

An Interpretive Park Guide

The legend of Petite Jean is that she disguised herself
as a boy so she could be with her true love 
and explore the New World! (link)

I thought "Well, if I'm gonna die, I might as well
do it style. At least it won't be in WalMart!"

Lots of pathways and a little foot bridge

I pretended to be interested in this -
But I was really just resting!

Water and falling leaves

The actual waterfall was kinda small this year
But you can see how large the area is - 
those are hikers!

The hiking stick came in handy
We had to hike BACK, too

Working up a sweat like the animal I am
Close to 9,000 steps before lunch...
And steep terrain! Back UP!

It took over 3 hours - and I was one of the first ones to finish!
Old guys were passing me left and right!

Ended up back at Mather Lodge
for the world's strongest coffee
Mixed mine with Advil and BioFreeze!
And  a Monster the minute I got in the car!

Thanks for reading along!
Wish You Were Here - 
The smell of the Pinon Wood burning -
The warmth of the fire - wow!


  1. So jealous I want to hike that beautiful autumnal trail! I want killer coffee by the fire! Nice!

    We ain't got anywhere like that for hiking down here. Bummer.

  2. What amazing pictures, the colours are wonderful. You look pretty good as well my friend;)

    Looks like a day to remember.


  3. WOW, thanks for sharing your hike. You looked amazing. Beautiful pictures.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful pics of the hike! That fireplace is marvelous, we have an electric one at home but man, that is a REAL one!!!
    I had to Google biofreeze, hope you felt better fast, and you should be proud of yourself for being one of the first to finish! Go Anne!

  5. All around us is the light. Gorge-us photos!


  6. beeee-you-ti-ful!!!! Love all of the colors, thanks for sharing your day with us!

  7. One down-fall about being out in the wilderness......
    No G4 wireless..... I couldn't even get a cell phone signal!

    So these posts literally took over an hour each to load!
    But I'm not complaining, eh?

    I also came home and went right to bed after this major hike!
    And I am still a wee bit sore! ooooooh!
    ♨ + ♡ = ☺

  8. psst.. just stopped in to say... a very special happy birthday. :) hope it was grand!

  9. That's an impressive waterfall. Glad you had some fellow hikers in the photo so I could comprehend the scale of it. Very pretty place.

  10. Amazing, how beautiful is that, and the colors wow, and that good looking blonde chick with the walking stick....awesome job. hey.

  11. That was a great (and beautiful) workout. Um ... I don't see any facilities out there. (I'm getting old, when I'm scoping for bathrooms) ha!

    I love the scent of burning pinon in the fireplace!

    Sounds like a near-perfect day.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!! Would have loved to be there.

  13. Really, though, it's like You were there!
    Just cuz I brought you along in my little heart.....
    As they say....

  14. Wow oh wow... the rich colors in the fall photos, just stunning! I loved seeing those. Thank you!

  15. I am totally blown away by how beautiful this looks. So gorgeous. Thanks for taking us along with you, Anne :)

  16. What a gorgeous hike - I cracked up at your "I pretended to be interested in this but was just resting" - I do that, still! LOL


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