10 November 2010

baby, it's cold outside

Cold for Texas, that is!

The question is:
How can I stay warm whilst out and about
Getting my walk on?
Jog on? Bike on? Dance on?

And NOT get my "skip" on -
as in "Let's SKIP it for today!"

Here's how to make a pocket warmer.
"Sew" easy, even a Cave-Seamstress can do it.
Or a sock puppet. If you use a sock.

First, take some Deer Corn.
I use this to feed squirrels with.
(I was hoping for a Moose, at first.
But so far, I got only Squirrels.)

Any kind of dry food-type items works-
Rice, beans, lentils..... or so I'm told

Just stuff the sock with the corn,
 tie a knot it in (no pins, eh?)
And microwave it for a minute or so.

Or you can get fancy.... and sew something 

Yes - actually - I CAN sew!
Not a pro, by any means. But I can do small things!
(Kinda like weight-loss...
One little step at a time)

And WaLa !!
(Or Viola, if you prefer!)
One sock corn "pillow" 
As seen here, modeled by me!
On a crisp Autumn morning.

I have made these for patients in wheelchairs,
to help loosen high-tone muscles, 
during range of motion exercises.
Or just for warmth. Just watch the temp, eh?
The corn gets hot fast! And stays warm for a long long time!

Wish I had little pocket corn pillows back in the Army
For days and nights out in the field...
Did they even have microwaves back then?
Just kidding....  of course they did!

Winking smile


  1. I'm sorry ... I was completely distracted by that great Santa photo !!! LOL

    The corn pillow is a great idea, until an unruly buck decides he's hungry, and then it's on!

  2. Or an unruly dieter - ya never know!
    And the Santa picture - hee hee!
    Back from my days as a dressing - up
    Pediatric Nurse!

  3. Love the corn pillow! We make them using rice!

  4. It was 24 degrees this morning here! I had someone make me one of those pillows, they're awesome.

  5. When did you sneak this post in? I love the handy dandy sock warmer thingamajig :) I learn so much from you. Like Deer Corn ...never heard of it. You would be thinking of the poor hungry deer...lucky little squirrels in the Dallas area...does it say extra lean or extra clean on that bag of deer corn?

  6. Dude - er, uh..... chick!
    I saw that, too!
    It says "CLEAN" as in "not alot of dust!"

  7. What if you leave your corn pillow in the microwave too long, will it turn into a popcorn pillow!!? hehe...its cold here, but hey its NY!

  8. Only if you use the Jiffy Pop type!
    As much to to make as it is to eat!

  9. Deer corn has so many uses. I should pick some up for the critters around here.


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