12 November 2010

a blonde assignment

Ali came down - we did her hair
Too many loose ends to leave out on Veteran's Day...
My Birthday is a better day for a Road Trip, anyways!

Blondes need to help each other 
when the call for "Roots" goes out! :p

What's a girl to do?

So we had a "hair party!"
Even Miss B came out for it!

LoCarb was the treat of the day!

Ali went LoCarb and has lost about 30 pounds so far!
Pretty good before and after

She says what everyone said:
LoCarb is great if you can get
through the first part!

Maybe I should take people out to the Grand Canyon
and hike with them through through the Induction Phase!
Like a LoCarb Preceptor of sorts.

It came out very nice!
More violet, less gold - more HighLights and LoLights.

Blonde. Jane Blonde.
007 is way too dark - 
We went with 10's and 12's!

I'm almost fearless now when it comes to doing color....

Everyone pitched in and helped me pack -
Cleaned house, did a little laundry -
Donated all my "Large" clothes

Made so much room in the closet, I feel empty now...
Plus, I wanted to hold on the the Large sizes ... Just In Case!
Then, I thought better of it!

Course, it helps to find a glove of money

Last minute packing for special needs diets
Don't expect to find what you can't do without!
Always take it with you, if you think you'll need it.

I always try to stay in a hotel with a kitchen
To help me stay on track with my food.
That way, I CAN go out to eat,
but I don't HAVE to. BIG difference!

It helps to pack the night before.
I'm actually looking forward to going!
Just a little hint of anxiety earlier today....
But I sometimes wonder if I can tell fear 
and/or anxiety from regular excitement!
For so many years, they were about the same to me!

Hope you are having the best day ever!
More tails tales from the road - coming soon!


  1. love the hair, the color is awesome, I have dyed mine dark. I will post a pic soon. have the best time Anne. take care.

  2. To Ali I say WOW! That's great progress. To your hair coloring skills I bow. Great job. Good times!

  3. Yes, you are fearless with color. Looks great! Have a great trip!

  4. Have a wonderful trip - Ali's hair looks awesome. And congrats to her for her 30 pound loss. She looks wonderful and I hope she feels great, too.

    Can't wait for road pictures.

  5. Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to lots of tales and pictures!!

  6. knowing the difference btwn anxiety / fear / excitement ...

    that's so true

  7. Have the best best best trip!! Lots of fun, lots of excitement and happiness to you (please take lots of gorgeous pics--I know you will!)....and man, I wish I lived in TX so you could do MY hair! Im totally less-than-fearless, and still stuck with the drugstore box colors right now. Mayhap I will email you for some advice!
    P.S. I'll come hike thru induction in the grand canyon with you any day! :-) hugs!

  8. I love that glove of money - looks much more fun than the jar of change I have going. Have a great trip!!!

  9. What a shame you don't live near me.. you could dye my hair too... you do it so well! Sadly...I think you are half a world away from here. lol

  10. You do hair, too? I want to get mine done, but I'm too chicken.
    Maybe in a few years. Do you ever travel to the Midwest, Carb Tripper?


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