03 November 2010

kaleidoscope day

What a view whilst driving to (and from) work the other day

Then came night

And then it rained
A very cold rain.
All night, all day.

I seldom use the new camera - just the cell phone for pics
It's just a camera now, because no one ever calls me.
I finally am ready. To do what - I don't know.
Let go of arrogance - fattitude - specialness? Or maybe the past?

Or what, I don't know. I feel sick at the thought of coercing myself
To move on - but I know I can't stay here...
All this beauty literally envelops me, and all I can think of is "Am I fat?"
Or to put it another way - "Where Is Love?" The illusion and the reality of Love.


  1. You pose a difficult situation here
    coercing yourself to move on
    but where
    and where is love
    illusion and reality
    how do we know
    I hear ya, friend

    beautiful winter morning night skies

  2. Give me your cell phone number and I will call you daily and chat you up. I have some phone compulsion issues or something. Love to talk on the phone.

  3. Have a great week, Anne H
    It only gets better!
    Off I go... I'll check back next week!
    Awesome pictures here

  4. Hope you feel better. Loved your guess on my blog riddle today; ceramic cow moo moo pitcher that pours cream ... not correct but now I am craving coffee.

  5. How ironic that strangers from across the globe can see your True Nature, Love, can feel the light of Presence shining through into the darkness. Yet at times the light can only shine, and feels not its own warmth.

    Anything. Can. Happen.

    How marvelous!


  6. Ohh sister, your pain is my pain. Your joy is my joy. Peacefulbird seems to get it too. We'll all just stay here and breathe deeply. This too shall pass.

  7. If we all do that, windows will be fogged across the country! ("There they go again, breathing ...") Gorgeous sunsets are meant for sharing, and if no one was sitting right there, I'm glad you shared the moments with us, Anne!

  8. I can't believe i'm not the only one with a phone that i rarely use!!
    Breathe, breathe and listen

  9. Im totally not a phone person. In fact, unless Im expecting some kind of important phone call (hardly evah) I pretty much lose all track of the thing. Battery dies and all!! I think in general, since you realize you are not happy with the spot you're sitting in at the moment thats the first step in stepping away from that spot. And it will happen, and you may step off in different directions until you find the right one. Take solice in the journey--and for gods sakes keep taking pics! Hehehe, you are an incredibly creative, funny, fun person and your pictures are a treat. Love to you!!!!!

  10. Stunning sky photos! Breathtaking...

    A lot of people don't ever even dare to ask the questions, let alone be willing to move on... change can be scary. I once heard it said that when the pain of staying the same becomes bigger than the pain of changing, we will be willing to make the move.

    I suppose it's true, though I wish there was a gentler, more peaceful way to think about it! But I think the rewards that will come from having the courage to step into the unknown will far outweigh the uncomfortableness of it all.

    As you put yourself out there, I hope you are met with all the love and joy you rightly deserve! :-)


  11. My phone has tumblweeeds, but I like it quiet. Beautiful sunsets. We're always moving. Its a matter of perspective, me thinks.


  12. I would say I would call but I'm a rambler and I think I would get on your nerves lol. But I loved the pictures and I wish I could give you a hug.

  13. I love these pictures! I have been out early and seen some breathtaking sunrises. Thanks for sharing!


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