10 November 2010

a wicked week

Foggy and frosty mornings
here in the DFW metroplex

Got some food storage containers
But there is more work to be done
Getting ready to go on vacation, actually!

Getting organized is an ongoing process,
not an one-time event!

Asset and Reserve
A good corner to stand on

Reserve and Security
Right down the street

There's a new Monster - Absolute Zero
That I absolutely love!
Zero sugar.... 1 g carb/ 2 per can
I buy them by the case!  Creative energy?

BP LOW again - later in the day, my pulse was in the 50's again.
And yes - my temp is low.... my hands were c-c-cold that day!
And no it's not my thyroid - it's cardiac - in my case.

Thanks, though, for your concern!

Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese 
and SF Maple -flavored syrup
Not a good picture, but very tasty.
Seen here dipped with pork rinds.
Don't knock it till ya try it!

Where one sidewalk ends, 
a new one doesn't always begin....
Sometimes the old one just ends -

And just like that 
you hit the skids!

Might as well get up again - it sucks to be
stuck on the outside looking in! Of anyone's life.
Hope your week is A+ Awesome
And you are Loving it with all your


  1. My week is an A plus so far, and I expect the awesome to continue!

  2. Morning glory! I hope you have an absolutely "wicked" vacation (and birthday!) I hope you'll let us know when the big day arrives...want to make my "happy birthday" official!!

    And here's to loving with all our hearts! Now THAT can truly change the world!

  3. Guess it must be the economy ... no parking at Reserve-Security ... "Any Time"

    TELL me about it.

    So, do we know the vacation destination yet?

  4. Ohhh, gotta try me some of that cream cheese/peanut butter stuff....with pork rinds?? Can't imagine that combo!!

  5. So far this week i give myself two thumbs up :)
    Going on vacation? Where?? come on give the deets!

  6. My temperature runs lower than the norm too ... I've often though it has to do with my metabolism. It doesn't take much to make me cold, but with MS that is sort of a good thing I guess. :) Where's the vacation? Exciting!

  7. Here's a hint:
    It has something - no -
    EVERYTHING to do with WICKED!
    The Musical.
    In the Land of OZ......arks!

  8. "You're outta the woods You're outta the dark" ....

    Off to Kansas Ms. Anne?

    Expecting some fabulous pics and stories. Have a safe and Fabulous time!

  9. HeeHee - a riddle game!
    Nope - not Kansas.
    Not Kansas PER SE!

    Been there, done that.
    Went to college there.
    Actually ran away from home at 17 to move there.

    Wanna play? Guess again.
    Here's another hint!
    I'm actually going INTO the woods.
    Maybe looking for a Tin Man.
    Or my Heart? ♡
    Or my Brain!
    Which (witch) is right now about 99% coffee.

  10. You get to go on the most awesome vacations. Really.

    PS. I love the spicy pork rinds. It grosses my family out.

  11. You're following the yellow brick road, following the yellow brick road toooooooo...Oklahoma?? Pack some ruby slippers!!

  12. That snack delicacy is right up my alley! I'm also having an A+ week, and it's already hump day.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So happy that you have found low carb. I believe that there is a solution for everyone. We just have to find it. You are fabulous!

  14. Hmmmm....either Tulsa or Little Rock. Let's go with Little Rock. Correct??

  15. Yay!
    We have a winner!
    Little Rock it izzzzzz!

  16. My folks live in Arkansas, and I swear!!! You have no idea how tempting it is to crash your party!!! Too much work or I'd be there!

    You are going to enjoy this show soooo much! Hope you have a fantabulous time and I can't wait to hear what you think.

  17. I've never been to Arkansas, but I hear it is very pretty. Of course, now that I know we can dig our own diamonds there, I'm all in !! (Road Trip!) lol

  18. Would that we could!
    What fun that would be.
    I have often said to bloggers:
    "Don't invite me if you don't mean it -
    I might just show up!"

  19. Getting ready for an adventure,eh? Well, good on you.

    I was liking the peanut butter cream cheese with maple syrup concoction until [insert screeching brake sound here] the pork rinds. Holy moly.

  20. So happy for you that you're getting away awhile. Wouldn't it be great to find a scarecrow, tinman and lion in the woods to hang out with lol. Hope you have a terrific time. You know I've never had a Monster of any kind.

  21. I like that "Where one sidewalk ends, a new one doesn't always begin" - so true. Sometimes there are good reasons why the sidewalk ends: makes you HAVE to go in a new direction, maybe one you were contemplating ... or one you KNEW you had to walk down but didn't want to and as long as you didn't HAVE to...well, you get my point!LOL!


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