10 November 2010

trip prep

Walk on by - 
o bubble gums blowers of yester-year

Trials and trail mix and tribulations
That's more like it!

Plenty o' H twenty
H 2O

Another Egg Recall --
Not to worry - another good reason for pasteurized

And of course, Laughing Cow and Energy Drinks -
For the faint of heart - or not....

The cans - they multiply as if on their own!
"It wasn't me! " Sure, you say.

Confused smile

And a trip to the car wash - for Trucky!
Almost ready - I'm pretty excited about going
on this trip!

☞ And now a word from our Dear Friend M Pax 
A link to her blog Wistful Nebulae
From an e-mail:
"If you could spread the word amongst blogger 
to read my post on Tuesday, I'd appreciate it. 
So everyone knows I am away and dealing with 
RL suckitude and not just disappearing!"

Mary is a writer and an awesome blogging friend....
And a role model in real-life - for weight loss.
Hope your evening is going great!


  1. Have a great trip,, Enjoy the show... Wear something green, inconspicuous of course..

  2. Hope you have a fantastic trip. And love the picture of you with the giant box of Monster behind you. :)

  3. I love M pax :)
    When are you leaving??

  4. Shooting for Thursday -
    But looks like Friday -
    Minutia overload!

  5. Hey Anne-- A trip? Did I miss something? Hope you're off to have a great time.

    LOVE the new green face photo and the car wash photo is very cool.

    I stopped by Mary's blog and wished her well. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.

    xo jj

  6. Enjoy your trip- not sure where you're going- but have fun! :)

  7. Well, I finally had to read up on Monster drinks... what the heck was a Monster drink?? NOW I see why you like them. If they ever go on sale in my neck of the woods, I might just snag a few of the Absolutely Zero variety! LOL!



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