01 November 2010

hi, I'm Trucky

Hi Y'all -
I'm Trucky - Anne's Truck!

She got me some new shoes - tires - last week!
More like big black boots.
Yay! And are they ever great!  All 4!

We drive everywhere together!
We go on trips - and see other bloggers.
We go to work, and "save the day" with Hospice patients!

We carry supplies to and from here and there.
It's great fun driving around, listening to music...

I sure love being around... "Life is good"
as my Jeep friends say!

One day, just this summer, some scoundrels abducted me.
In the dark of night! Oh no!
A day or two later, Anne got me back.
Something about her not paying the last payment on me!
The payment that was due way back - 
Over 5 years ago. I guess she forgot.
Maybe she thought it wasn't that important.
Turns out, it WAS that important. Grrr!

We've been together 8 years. With that last payment,
she finally made and "honest engine" out of me.
I knew I was worth more than $480!
And how!

I just don't know why those guys had to be so rough on me!
Toe-Truck is right! *yikes!* Well, all's well that ends well. 

And it's a good lesson to learn to follow-though... closure, etc.
Not getting closure is like running over some road-kill.
Ya never know when (or where) it might jump up
and bite ya in the back seat!
(Oh - so THAT's what happened!)

Anne takes very good care of me.
She never misses a service call. She's a real geeky nerd
when it comes to preventative maintenance.
I get my oil changed on schedule.
I even use super synthetic oil.
Just in case.

All these tubes and wires - careful notes!
Good Heavens, Miss Sakomoto - You're beautiful!

So it's good that Anne is finally learning the rules 
of Preventative Maintenance as they apply to other areas of life as well.
I think she treats me better than she treats herself.

I guess that diet was a good thing, after all.
Once we were stuck in the Grand Canyon together
for like - weeks! A year and a half ago!

No gas, nothing for trucks to eat. No car wash, no covered parking.
Nothing! Just wind and rain and snow. In March!
 I called it "Snow Falling On TaTa's!" 
Anne did alot of walking.

We sure get better gas milage now 
that we aren't hauling around those extra pounds!
Anne LOVES it when I say that! HeeHee!

No more drive-throughs late at night.
No more driving and crying - sniffin' the tears.
She even got a GPS so she doesn't get mad and pound the steering wheel.
She hasn't gotten mad in traffic in so long.
We listen to lots of music - just singing all day!

Yep, times are good, for a truck.
I might even get all those Depends out of my tool box!
One day... one day! Well, see ya soon!
Maybe we'll drive through to your town!
Just don't invite us if you don't mean it - we might just show up!


  1. Nice to meet ya Trucky. My car is Speedy, he's a good little vroom vroom. One day he might even drive to Texas to see some real cowboys and cowgirls.

  2. P.S Speedy would tell you how lucky you are that you don't have to wear bracelets (snow chains) every winter like he does.

  3. Well, hi there, Trucky... beep beep right back at ya! I enjoyed hearing all about your adventures, and I'm glad Anne made an honest engine out of you, so you two can live happily ever after.

    Loved the part about getting closure, or it will come back to bite you. Ha ha ha... I JUST posted on healing feelings, so they don't come back to bite you!


  4. Yeah, really about the feelings .....
    Close them down, close yourself up,
    And the next thing ya know,
    It's just "read em and weep!"
    When you least suspect it!

  5. Nice to meet ya Trucky, I think my family would love hanging out with you and Anne. Think you would have a LONG drive though that you might not enjoy all that much lol.

  6. Love this post, Anne :)
    I think Trucky wants to come to New York!

  7. Nice to meet you Trucky, if you are ever in St. Louis look me up, The Black Widow(Ford Fusion)!

  8. Trucky have I got a girl for you. My pink Hyundai is named Precious. just sayin a trip to The great white North may be fun. think about it.

  9. Hi Trucky! Nice post. My car is named Pugsley. He could use new tires. He lost a hubcap at Crack in the Ground. He wasn't made for off roading, but he enjoys it. Maybe.

  10. Anne,
    I am catching up on blog reading now that I am back from fall break. So this comment will cover the past few posts that you have done.

    I was not disappointed to start reading. I love your TRUCKY story, especially this part: We sure get better gas mileage now
    that we aren't hauling around those extra pounds!
    Anne LOVES it when I say that! HeeHee!

    I am planning to post one day about how much we will earn in MPG as we drop 50, 75, and 100 pounds. It is quite impressive.

    Love Skelly on a date. Love the jokes, too. My dad was in Hospice in August. If you “hospice” anything like you post, you probably knock the socks off of them. BTW: There was a fantastic article inn the New Yorker in August about Hospice. Here is the citation: LETTING GO. By: Gawande, Atul, New Yorker, 0028792X, 8/2/2010, Vol. 86, Issue 22


  11. Love it! :) I like what you said about taking care of the truck better than you take care of yourself sometimes- I can totally relate with you there!

  12. Trucky and Anne - best friends forever! Nice to meet you, Trucky.

  13. Cinner -
    Trucky here....
    The "Great White North?"
    I'm not sure Canada is ready for me!

    I never even unpacked my bags
    From when I was there last year!
    Thanks though!

  14. Trucky is so funny just like you Anne. I have never named my car and now I'm thinking I'm such a user ...it has always served me well. Hmmm something to think about.

  15. Anne -
    I'm new to your blog, and I want to say -
    I am really impressed with your writing style.
    You seem to be very creative!
    Is that your progress pictures on the side?
    Wow! How much total have you lost?


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