18 November 2010

a wicked texas meet up

Howdy, Wicked Texas Bloggers!

Miss Kelly, who is a Happy Texan,
Said "Wouldn't it be great to meet up,
and go see Wicked?"

I replied  "Yessss!!!
I'm in!! How can we make this happen?"

So I guess we can start by putting the word 
"out there!"

Here is a link to the website

Here is a screen shot from the website,
for the San Antonio Venue....
Tickets are not even on sale yet...
They go on sale 10 December 2010
(mark yer calendar)

  Confused smile

We need to get the tickets (close to) THAT day
for good seats. (Sorry - I'm a little OCD!)
I don't know for sure, but I expect the seats to be 
$90 to $150 or so....

And I think they will sell out quick!

The show will be on from 16 Feb to 06 March
In San Antonio, Texas.
At the beautiful Majestic Theatre.

It would work best for me personally in February.
I am going on vacation in March!!
I'm going to see Wicked, actually. In L.A.

Open-mouth smile

With - or without the show, we can still have a little meet-up!
It would be great to meet for coffee...
Or dinner - or something!!

Like anything else, good results start with
a plan - and we are just now in the "Brainstorming"

You know how I love to meet Bloggers!
My face, in case you forgot what I look like!
(Except I won't be wearing scrubs!)

And as usual, I trust you are having 
The Best Day Ever!


  1. Oh to have that WICKED experience of meeting YOU!!!

  2. ooooh FUN!
    you may regret blogging this as I might drive down!!


  3. YAY!
    That would be the coolest thing ev-ah!!

  4. Oh yes! I'll check some things out but I believe February totally works for me.

    Coolest thing ev-ah!!!

  5. No scrubs? But you make scrubs look cool!

  6. How fun would that Be! I mean that will be so much Fun!

  7. What with my expensive running habit (those dang race entry fees are $$$), I know I won't be able to buy a ticket to the musical, but I mightcould drive to SA for the meet up! Let me know what date y'all choose...:)

  8. FUN FUN FUN! OK, Anne. You pick the date. This will be a lot of fun. I'll make hotel reservations for Chuck and I after we get our tickets. We've been threatening to go to SA for a while anyway.

  9. I'd be in (all the way from NC), if not for the fact I'm caring for an ill family member right now. Sounds like such fun!!

  10. PS I shamelessly linked back to your post since you have all the details right there. :)

  11. Oh man! I am so jealous! San Antonio is on my bucket list. One day, I swear I am storming your state and all you Texans better be there to greet me!

  12. This will be so much fun! I wish I lived closer even though I've seen "Wicked" twice.
    xo jj

  13. Wicked!! LOL!!! I now have to go see this show!!

  14. I go to Texas sometimes, but not too often. That would be fun to meet people who have been blogging back and forth and talking for so long. I hope this works out and you make many happy memories!

  15. Meet-ups are great! And I love the last pic, the one where the glasses are low, the hand is on the side of face and you look really relaxed. That's a great profile-pic shot, yes?


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