19 November 2010

the future is now

Good day, everyone!

Hello.... helloo.... is this thing on?

Thanks to every one who reads here!
It's been a crazy year and half, eh?

This time last year, I was down sooo low.
Very few people actually knew it,
or knew how down I was.

Confused smile

But even then, I never deviated (much) from my weight-loss.
And now I am (still) within 15 pounds or so
of my long-term goal.

Old bodies take a while to adjust, eh?

I always thought it would be more than a year.
Probably more like 2 years.
 To lose all the weight I needed to lose.
Indeed it was, and will be!

And I will tell ya this.
It sure as hecka won't be 3 years!
And I won't be going back to ObeseCity anytime soon.

People now are calling me "The Nurse Who Used To Be Heavy -
With Blond Hair!"  I thinks that's a misplaced modifier of sorts.
Or not! I'll take it!

I feel like I am finally getting done 
with this phase of my life.

And most of the secondary aspects, and fun little twists and turns.
And the drama. May the drama rest in peace.
Oh drama - we barely knew ye! 
Well, actually, I think we were pretty well acquainted!

So now it's time for the wrap - up.
Not of the Blog. That stays.

I want to be done with the struggle and the wiggle!
And patiently and gently move to the next phase.
Even "lovingly."  With caring, and care.

Today being 19 November, 2011...
My LoCarb 2 year anniversary is mid March... so...

That's about 120 days ...or 
4 months   ... or
17 weeks   ... or

3,000 hours
almost 2,000 waking hours

or to look at it another way

400 meal choices 
120 brisk, daily walks
100 work-outs (one day off a week)
1,000 glasses of water

Winking smile

so I have a few hundred more chances,
or true opportunities to chose to do the right thing!
And to make every day count!

It's not *just* about the numbers on the scale.
Or the number of jaws that drop, or heads that turn...

It's about being for Fit, and Healthy, and Sane.
Remember when I had  "The Most Boring Summer Ever?"
Well, at least food-wise, it was!

Back to Basics. Again and again and again...


  1. I really liked this post. I like ALL your posts but this one is cool because you're calmly looking ahead, making plans, realizing the true 'what its all about'ness!!

  2. Here's hoping you have a fantastic weekend, Anne!

    Was just thinking of you and wanted to drop by to wish you well. :-)

    When you hold a Monster can up to your ear, what do you hear?

  3. It's funny, Harry....
    I actually think I hear the Pacific Ocean!
    It says "Come to California.... Come to California!"

  4. I like the way you summed up all your choices nice way to stop and look at it!

  5. It's fun to look at progress and sit with calendars and plan more, isn't it? You're definitely gonna do it! And ya know, it's hard for me to imagine you down. You're such a vivacious person. It really is hard to think of you in the dark slumpies. (I'm used to the dark slumpies. I got a vacation home there.)

    So, will there be a blog party when goal weight is attained? Yes?

  6. ????
    Are you seriously kidding me?
    Self-doubt and rejection was a torment
    I have never personally experienced before.
    There were times I didn't think I would
    (or wanted to) survive!
    But thanks! :)
    And a blog block party sounds like a capital idea!

  7. YEAH, yeah, yeah!!!!! This is a fantastic post full of happiness and opportunity with the feeling you're on the eve of a brand new chapter in your life. Way to go! Happy weekend,
    xo jj

  8. I'm so sorry to see how bad you felt back then... :(
    but Wow look how far you've come :)

    Your positivity is so uplifting, and you always make me smile!

  9. I love it Anne. What a great reminder that the journey takes time and consistency. You are a unique and artistic ability to express yourself in a most entertaining way!

  10. You've come a long way baby! Inspirational!

  11. The drama can be suffocating can't it?

    My favorite part of this is, "And patiently and gently move to the next phase. Even lovingly.' With caring, and care."

    Sometimes it takes those dark days (and even seasons) to see the light when it's right before our eyes.

    Dark days will probably still make an appearance now and then. But don't you feel better equipped to face and deal with them than you did before?

    That's what I hold on to.

  12. I am so glad I met you. I wish it had been much earlier in your life style journey but in the short time I've known you I have learned alot. We all have such high ups and low downs and sometimes others just don't see it but you made it and just look how far you've come. You are doing fantastic and in just a few short weeks you'll be at your goal and then comes the hard part of maintaining for the rest of your life. With your determination and love of life you will have a blast. You will teach others in your old shoes how to do it and how to become healthy like you.
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Have yourself a very blessed, relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

  13. Very bad days? I guess it happens. To all of us. But then, we get back on track! And you did, it Carb Tripper! You sound determined! Congrats are in order!


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