12 November 2010

a clinton day

The second Clinton Home in Hope, Arkansas

Hope is a pretty small town -
Pretty and small

The Clinton Museum in Hope

Where our 42nd President was raised

He was also the 42nd Governor  of Arkansas


Awesome Autumn colors everywhere

The Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas

 Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas

Check under the stalls for Republicans
(Sorry, I could hardly resist!)

A replica of the Oval Office

Two Tour Guides

Awesome Autumn Color 

I put this "Clinton" page separate:
First, too many pics!
Second, I don't want someone to have to look
unless they really want to.  Enjoy!

I'm not political, but when I first 
heard about September 11th, my very
first thought was about President Clinton,
and his safety!


  1. The colors are beautiful. Looks like you're having a great time.

    Because I'm curious or nosy: do you buy souvenirs? If so, what do you like to bring home?

  2. I am not really a souvenir type gal.
    But just for fun, I bought 2 refrigerator magnets:
    One of President Clinton's Dog "Buddy"
    And one of his Cat "Socks"!!

  3. "Check under the stalls for Republicans" That is the best one-liner I've read in weeks. Hahahahahaha!


    xoxo jj

  4. Buddy and Socks celebrating a BDay with you! That's a great souvenir. I love how you make all things personal and simple. Also intriguing that it was the Presidents safety you thought of first. Have to admit my mind did not go there. But symbolically to hurt a nation one would go after its leader and intuitively you must have sensed that other plane was heading for Washington. Better not get into anything to political ...looking under stall...can you spare a square?

  5. Beautiful pictures of a truly historic place. ;-)

  6. As far as checking for republicans under the stalls... If there were any there, they were there cleaning up the crap the democrats left behind. :)

    I too, couldn't resist.

  7. First time commenting on your blog- LOVE IT and Bill and Hillary too. I grew up in Iowa; just Herbert Hoover there and of course Hooverville LOL.

  8. Actually.....
    I was referring to the Great Republican Gay BathRoom
    Scandal of 2007....



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