26 November 2010

shopping day

Found a pair of jeans
the size I once wore
48 mens

Or to put it another way -
The outer pair is 48's men's
The inner pair is 32's men's
Which is the size I wear now....
An 8-10 women's!

Wow - it made me
Curl up a little - dizzy - woozie -
Caught me completely off guard

My head rolled off of my body
My brains ran out, 
And ran down on the floor....
Just a little.
Someone found them
and gave them back.
But I didn't know what to do with them,
(Since I needed them to solve the riddle...)
So a clerk dusted them off,
And stuck them back in.
Said this happens alot
after weight loss
(But also during weight gain)

At least I didn't try to eat them.
That's SOOOO last year!
Confused smile

I remember the day I had to go up in size to a 24 W...
in a dressing room, at good old WalMart.
I was stunned  - "How...could...this...be??" *sniffle*

But I did eat this - 
From SugarLess Delite -
LoCarb Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread
They are hecka busy this time of year
And yet, they treat me like Royalty!
Love them!

Rather than buy out the store at one time,
I get one or two different DaVinci Sugar Free 
flavorings every month or so.
Between those, and extracts, I have a good selection!

Banana, Plain Sweetener, Strawberry, Kaluah, Irish Cream, Black Berry,
Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Praline, Pancake, Pumpkin Pie

Hope your day is Sweet and Flavored Just Right!


  1. Unbelievable picture of those pants. You've come a long way, baby!

    My favorite sugar-free flavor is toasted marshmallow...yummy!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous (and relatively low-carb)!

  2. I can't believe you once wore those jeans Anne, how great are you - well I think you totally rock

  3. okay I am blown away that is just amazing, and inspiring. hugs.

  4. Those jeans were quite the visual!!

    Amaretto DaVinci... Mmmmmmm


  5. Food porn, albeit Carb free, is still food porn. Add that to the pictures of the swim wear line for today's food challenged, and I am getting a chubbie here pre 5 AM on Friday. Thanks !! Enjoy the day. How about the orphan I invite orders a lobster ? OMG. I had to get that off my chest somewhere...

  6. Amazing progress, Anne! You Rock!

  7. Wow- you have come so far and have a lot to be proud of! Nice collection of flavorings- want to make me a coffee? :)

  8. Seeing the pants with your own eyes and getting it into your brain and then digesting it into your innards must have been mixed emotions. You look so great now but even more than that, you are taking care of yourself and adjusting to the choices you are making. This is wonderful.

  9. Hoooo! On the evidence of shrinking! Great work, Anne. I am not brave enough to shop on black Friday. Although, it's probably not such a big deal here. Just cause I don't think there's any such thing as a crowd where I live. Saw plenty of that back east though. I sure did miss my uncongested slice of the world while away.

  10. I love your pictures thats awesome and wow you have come a long way!

  11. Wow! Did you really wear pants that big? Very impressive comparison pictures!

  12. WOWOWOWOOWOWOW!!!!!!! I am just stunned and amazed at the pants-comparison!! I also just love the look on your face in the pic where you're holding the "old size"...priceless!!!
    I have 2 flavors of sugarfree syrup right now, but plan on expanding the collection soon!
    Have a marvelous day :-D

  13. It is total awesome to see the difference. You go girl. WOW!!! I've gone from the 22 to the 16, cool too.
    Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your prayers for my sister.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  14. WOWSA.....WOWSA....WOWSA Amazing Picture Ann

    You have done a great job, that is so motivating, THANK YOU xxx

  15. That jeans comparison picture says so much - what a fantastic transformation you have done, Anne! And you are tiny now!

  16. Glad you found your brains again! I HATE it when that happens!
    Good job on the loss, Carbie! Looks like you found a good thing.

  17. You have come so far!

    Look at those pants! I'm sure those before pants are smaller then my NOW pants, but someday I will be able to do a comparison picture like that!

    I'm so glad they took good care of your brains for you LOL :)


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