21 November 2010

almost oklahoma

Rush Zero Calorie Energy Drink

A perk and bonus to travelling around a bit -
Ya get to try different energy drinks!

Proving beyond a doubt that
I have no life at all....

And yet, I still wait almost too late to get gas
That says "E," by the way!

Proving once and for all that I really am a blonde!

A lovely way to pack a lunch for work....
Mmmm - protein

I keep forgetting to eat.... Twice now.... 
Maybe a twinge of stress or something

Another suitcase in another hall

A kinda dark picture of a lovely Motel 
near Oklahoma.....

It's cheaper to rent a room here, 
than it is to drive back and forth!
Plus I get 3 extra hours of sleep and or blogging!

Plus no traffic or construction worries.

Texoma is on the Texas-Oklahoma border...
Just across the state line they have a bunch 
of Casinos and stuff.... I've never been....
They tell me it's nice! Just not a gambler.

Life itself seems too risky for me, sometimes!
But I did, at least, stop betting against myself!

You know how I like to go to the "country"
Horses, and cows, and llamas, oh my!
Not to mention: sheep,
goats, wild boars, mountain men,
breaking bad, and have a nice day.

Hope your weekend is warm and cozy!
With lots of loving supportive choices
And no farm animals on the loose!
Unless, of course, that is your choice....
...Just sayin'


  1. Sorry if I can't do alot of commenting on your posts
    It's really hard to get a connection out!
    Have a lovely weekend, ya'll!

  2. Three extra hours of sleep?? Where do I sign up?! LOL!

    I've done my share (and then some) of stress eating. But I've never stress NOT-eated!

    Hope you get to relax and de-stress.

  3. Ah, I'm a North Texas/Okie girl transplanted to London, was just today remembering that long stretch of land there between the two states, how ironic to hop to this post from Princess Dieter's blog.

    Saw that Oklahoma just had a birthday and it made me homesick something awful. I'm a hankering for those wide open spaces, nothing to compare to those expanses on this tiny little island.

    Excellent job on the weight loss.

  4. mmmm protien indeed!!! Glad you get to sleep in rather than getting up in the dark of night and driving back and forth. I would choose to do that too, probably even if it WERENT cheaper!
    Thanks for always leaving kind comments on my blog, it is much appreciated!

  5. You look awesome in that picture. I gotta lock up the farm animals too. your hilarious. just sayin.

  6. Man o man you seem to get around a lot! Why are you seemingly always travelling??? Just asking!

  7. I like that you always have time to comment on my silly blog.


  8. Looks like a nice pool out there! Probably too cold for that?

  9. 3 extra hours of sleep, hey I am all for it!!!

  10. Chris - really - this is just for work...
    The other - now THAT was for fun!
    I do like to get out and about, though!

  11. I'm looking forward to maybe encountering a loose farm animal or two want to see if I'm braver than last Thanksgiving when Kevin and I encountered the mad cow (yes Mike's family all laughed at us for saying that) lol.

  12. I would hate to think of you running out of gas out in the middle of nowhere, as you put it. How could that even happen? I shudder at the very thought!


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