19 November 2010

work out by the clock

Do I have time to do some work-out moves 
whilst at work?  Dare I?

In the time it takes to go .... er, uh..... here
About 2 minutes or three ....

Tick, tock  - the time is now!
Every little bit adds up!

What was that sound?
The sound of the future - now upon us.

Start with some legs kicks
You don't even have to stand up for this one...

Isometrics, isotonics, 
isolataion, I so hongry...
It's all good!

Now some arm stretches...
Up down, up down

Eyebrow scrunches 

Neck and chin - nip and tuck

Dimple Squeezers

Not International Bad Finger Sign Language....
But anchoring the monobrow space

Facial Magic Face Scrunches...
These really help with would-be sagging skin
after weight loss!!

I've been using Facial Magic techniques for years --
And I love them... here's a YouTube link!

Chin Weight Lifting....
I do mine with a books or weights or anything 
I have on hand...

Use a mirror when you work out your face....
if you can 

My fave is the slow - motion arm raise...
Take a full minute to raise them up...
Then a full minute to lower them....
Feel the burn!
Especially with your arms overhead!

You can do this with almost any muscle group
in any number of positions *sizzle*

Here's the payoff:
3 minutes is not that long of a time.
2 minutes - even less...

IF a person did this once, every hour
x 12 hour shift....
Walked in place, or stretched for just 3 minutes an hour -
That would be
30+ minutes of extra movement every day!
Not too shabby for just two or three minutes at a time!

Bit by bit, eh?!

If you really want to get fancy, try this:
While watching TV, walk around /work out
every time a commercial is on. 
During Law and Order, you'll get almost 15 minutes
of extra activity every hour. It all adds up!

I use the same "Time Technique" for drinking water....
I drink a full glass every hour.
No matter thirst.
Just do it.
Then, at the end of the day, I have all my 2 liters in!

Tick tick baby - hope your day is awesome!


  1. Great exercises!
    You should make a video :)
    I love the idea of exercising on commercials. I used to march in place... I should start doing that again!

  2. TinaM
    Indeed - a great endeavor!
    Marching in place is perfect!

  3. great ideas, all of them, I shovelled too much snow today, only did half, me poor aching back. i will be fine in the morning. lol.

  4. Those are great ideas for exercises! I agree with TinaM, a video would be awesome.

  5. s t r e c h i n g a s I t y p e

    t i c k t i c k t i c k

  6. Lol, eyebrow scrunches... gotta have good looking brows!

    Have a Great weekend!

  7. These are great ideas, Im going to try and employ some of them....it seems there is "no time" but there are pockets of time everywhere that are not being used! Gonna check out that facebook video--nobody wants to sag! hehehe

  8. Oh yes a video i'd vote for that :)

  9. Great exercises. I've started doing one legged squats when I'm waiting for the microwave or a pot to heat up since I'm leaning against the counter anyways. Thanks for the reminder to leave the computer every once and a while....first I have to finish commenting :)

  10. Well, darn! Sure wish you'd shared these simple and easy exercises before I was scheduled for surgery...might have saved me the effort. :)

  11. Time technique... Hmmmm. I like that, it's simple and gets things accomplished almost automatically. I'm going to think on how to apply it. I like the water idea. And exercising during commercials.
    Maybe I could do facial exercises while blog reading!

  12. Don't they sell computer programs that remind people to stand up from their work desk and stretch out? I think it's a great idea! And a video - wow - you can make a video? I bet that could be good. Go for it!

  13. love.love. love the new how to exercise while at work. Work is the video coming out??

    Love the texas meet up, too, for bloggers. I need to see Wicked. I must be one of he only ones that has not!

  14. aweSOME! I'm definitely checking out that link! Thanks!


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