14 November 2010

an adventure a day

 Hmmm... wonder what kind of adventure I can get into today?

 Can anyone ever get tired of seeing such beauty?

 The Arkansas River

 Cool Autumn days

Cute little chapel in the woods

After yesterday's full day of hiking
I came back to the hotel, and fell asleep! 
That's the BioFreeze I'm holding there.....
Don't leave home without it, eh?

Thanks for reading along -
and, as usual
Wish You Were Here!


  1. Out for an early morning drive - slash- hike!
    Just as soon as it gets light enough to actually see.
    Plus, I have a Wicked matinee to catch today!

  2. You just gave me my first smile of the day with those pic's !

  3. I swear it looked like you were here in maryland. Wish I was there hiking with you to.

  4. Come on - let's go!
    An adventure a day keeps the
    "Crazy-Egocentric-Fatty Girl- Who Lives Inside My Worst Nightmare"

  5. Wow, some of those shots were really gorgeous. What is on the agenda for today? Digging for diamonds? Hey, that is exercise too, but with an added bonus payoff at the end.

  6. Beautiful photos. The colors of the leaves are amazing. Just like here in New England

  7. You are having a great time. Good for you.

  8. The great birthday adventure continues!! when you said you were going to catch a Wicked matinee today---my eyes read, "Wicked manatee" haha...now thats a visual! Have a great time!

  9. pleasure and pain two faithful companions...love that you can smile at either.

  10. Your photos are beautiful. The colours ..... amazing, wonderful beautiful, astonishing, stunning, glorious ....

    What a way to celebrate a birthday and begin another year.


  11. That tree looks like it is need of a good climbing. Think of the cool pix you could take from the top of that!

  12. To answer your question - no, you can never get tired of such beauty.


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