03 November 2010

a cold and hungry day

A cold day in hell

63 F indoors - at work - 
after the storms knocked out the power

Lit a burner just for heat - 
and cuppa hot coffee for the patient just to hold

Every blanket, towel, and pillow 
was stacked on this little guy.
Everyone else was chillin'

First-class entertainment when the power is off:
Read A book!
 I read the dictionary one summer, while on a Sabbatical.
It was like a college education.


This "not eating" thing is finally something I have had enough of.
I have pain where my gall badder once was. That never happens.

I am finally - after one year - back to my regular job!
My bedside hospice nursing. No more just driving.

But here' the New Dealio:
I am going to find a way to take food to work.
I just don't eat when I have a "bedside" case.
I just have protein shakes, mixed with Monster.
And water to drink. Fasting is good, and all.
But almost every day for over a week I had no solid food.
I think that is not a good m.o. for me.
All this and a big ol' headache!

And a touch of some sort of Bell's Palsy -
I'm about to get slapped, 
because people think I'm winking at them!
Open-mouth smile
And I'm kinda moody, too - sorry about that.
No one can say I'm not feeling it!

Florence Nightingale would say 
that is like adding insult to injury.
If only she had blogged....

And by the way - the power came back on
for the cold little guy...
Almost right away -  so it's all good!
And I am off to TarJay for some kind of food 
hauling set -up.... any ideas?
Bento sound good.
Be cool - but not cold, eh?
And eat something - 
for crying out loud!


  1. Yes-eat something for crying out loud! We just made sirloin steak and for a side: sauteed cabbage (oyster sauce, garlic, soy sauce,green onion)..MMM!

    Glad you didn't have to be in that cold long!! It's definitely here (the cold). This is my 6th year in snow and I'm not tired yet (EVERYONE around me says "give it time Lucy and you'll come to hate it like we do). I sure do hope not!

  2. I"m sorry for all the patients suffering the chill. I remember how "cold all the time" my folks were when they got old and sick. :(

    Anyway, bentos are fun. Since you're a low-carber, stick to stir frys with lots of color. The Japanese believe in multiple food items, the more the better, with all sorts of key flavors --sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami. So, maybe a stir fry with chicken or beef and then some slices of fruit, maybe some sausages cut to look like octopus. :D Or rolled eggs (there are recipes online for making them bento style, a rolled up version you cut into bite size pieces). Raw veggies for crunch. Something mushy for variety (what is mushy and low carb??? Oh, forget it. The egg fits that). Sprinkle some poppy seeds or toasted sesame seeds on top for prettiness. lettuces or radicchio or something for garnish and more color. If you do a stir fry or roasted meat and veggies, put some pretty scallion slices on top..

    Have fun with it.

    You're a cool lady. Good heart! And you do important work. God bless...


  3. I'm getting hungry for you! My Ma has the Bells, she says she gets alot of looks. "Why is that old lady flirting with me" looks. She winks without control. :)

  4. One winter we lost power for 3 days during an ice storm. BRRRR! We slept in hats, gloves and layers of clothing. No fun!

  5. Power outages are not a good thing
    in the south
    where blankets and warmies
    are limited in supply

    and cold food/drink
    is definitely the pits
    when you're chilled to the bone

    good thing you could make
    hot coffee for your patient
    hope he was grateful

    oh yeah, tis the season
    eye tick?
    oh yeah, get those some days too
    irritating ain't the word
    but then I think of a good friend
    who has some sort of palsy
    in her hands
    all the time
    an eye tick that comes and goes
    now seems but a bitty bug in the brew

    not eating solid food
    for a whole dang week?
    well that's just not OK
    I understand why
    but it's got to stop
    let us know what you
    find at TarJay...

  6. So far, some rocking hot little box things that are like fancy food-saver things....I'm so freaking tired, I can't even talk or write right.
    Better start again in the am - goodnight dear world

  7. brrrr

    I don't like the cold!!!

    they tease me at work, I eat all the time!!!

    I eat all the time, you never eat... we are doing opposite things but we are both having success in the war against the extra pounds...

    go eat!!!

  8. Goodness, Anne! You need to take better care of yourself. Pack a few protein bars in the glove compartment of Trucky, at the very least.

    If you wait too long to eat solid food, your arm starts to look like a drumstick. The first warning sign of pending self-cannibalism is an ache in the old gallbladder location, followed by a dull headache ...

    They call is gnawing hunger for a reason!

    I hope your trip to Tarjay was helpful, and you have (by now) ingested some solid (store-bought) food! Nurses tend to be tough, even though they have a soft interior.

    Hugs, and a hope you are soon feeling much improved!

  9. Hey Anne...

    I really think you are an angel with skin on. I so admire your heart and the care you give to those who desperately need you. Please, please, please take care of yourself. I'm praying that you sleep tonight like you never have before, and that you wake rested and refreshed.

  10. Thanks y'all!
    I don't NOT EAT because of calories.
    There are many sights and smells and sounds at the bedside of a dying person. Some nurses eat right through it all. One even brought a burrito. Made the patient sick.
    Also, logistics..... many times, there's no power, no microwave, no fridge for storage. It's bare bones. Sometimes, there isn't even a place to sit.
    This sounds like an idea for a post!

  11. Im glad you're not TRYING to starve yourself!!! I was gonna ask the reason for the stahhhvation!
    Last winter in the northeast we lost power for like 3 or 4 days or something too, we stayed in a hotel with our cat and our dog, son and son's buddy for 2 nights then just decided to rough it (cuz we were going broke!). Hubby was outside grilling hamburgers when the power came back on, jeesh!!!
    I hope you get some good stuffs to eat!!! FEED the need!

  12. Many things I am - but a Self-Starver in not one of them.
    I would suck at it!
    I'll spare you the details, but trust me when I say
    that some/most of the conditions I face at work are
    "less than ideal" when it comes to accommodations for meals.
    Gosh- the Army at least made sure you could eat.
    Even in a mud-filled fox-hole.
    And all the years I spent at the bedside (i these conditions)
    were also the time I was at my heaviest.
    Coincidence? Probably not.


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