14 November 2010

pinnacle mountain

 Sunrise on Pinnacle Mountain
Right outside of Little Rock Arkansas

A hike by a mountain lake

A chilly morning made lots of fog

Different parts of the mountain had different "moods"

I stayed here listening for what seemed like hours

A family of little Doe Eyed De-yah ran across the road!
Right by a sign that says "No Hunting"

Can you barely see her?
Run Florist, Run!
Thanks for reading
Wish you were here!


  1. No Hunting...it's like Florist can read (:

  2. That first photo takes my breath away. Stunning!

  3. You were really blessed this morning, Anne. Thanks for taking us along!

  4. Ahhh... wish I was there, too. My fav: the single tall tree next to the cliff in the "mood" pic. wow

    These were wonderful.

  5. I see her :) I laughed when you said run florist run because every time i see a squirrel i always say run forest run!!

  6. I see her too *smile*. Looks like you are having a terrific time out and about.

  7. Deer, did some one say Deer? Hmmm, where is that exactly?

  8. These are gorgeous pictures. Were these of this morning's fog? It was really beautiful and lasted a long time this morning.

  9. This is my favorite one. Kind of broody, and yet calm and serene, with only a peaceful sense about it. You can almost feel the cold air!


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