11 November 2010

gravel and rust and coffee

 Met for coffee with Roxie  (Gravel and Rust)
She looked great - kitten heels and all!

It's always a treat to meet other bloggers!
We live in the same (large) metropolis,
so it's just a matter of scheduling!

Met at Barnes and Noble

People passing by

A great evening to enjoy the outdoors

A double grande coffee tripod
half-caf.... all smiles!

Roxie is as kind, lovely, and witty in "real life"
as she is in her blog!

I've had the pleasure of meeting many bloggers 
in "real life," and we all say the same thing:
"It feels like we've already known each other!"
In some cases, for years!

Had a great time  -
Thanks, Roxie!
Can't wait to do it again!



  1. Well, that looks and sounds like a great meeting. Glad to see that you had a fun time together :)

  2. If I lived in your neck of the woods, I'd def come for a blogger meet-up!


  3. Thank you for the coffee and the friendship! It was wonderful to finally meet you, as you are practically my next-door neighbor, in blogger terms.

  4. That looked like fun! But, I thought everyone who lived in the greater DFW area would (naturally) just meet at Neiman's ...


    Roxie, did you recognize Anne, without a Monster in her hand?

  5. Ann
    Not Neiman's - but right across the street!
    And I don't always drink Monster.
    I divide my time between that, and sleep!
    Just kidding, of course....
    "Water and coffee" I meant to say!

  6. Looks like you two had a great time. Wish all my blogger buddies lives in the neighborhood wouldn't that be fun?

  7. So neat that you got to meet in person. Looking forward to getting to meet you in Houston or your neck of the woods.

    What kind of camera do you use? Rachel is wanting one but I can't spend a lot of money but I want one that takes decent pictures. I love the pics that you take.

  8. My camera is a very simple point and shoot -
    A FujiFilm - from Best Buy in the $100 range....
    I had another FujiFilm - bright blue...
    It got dropped, and broke!
    So yeah - thanks for the kind words!

  9. Sounds like a fun day! I'd love to meet other bloggers lucky you!

    Also I love the people passing by pic it looks very artsy.

  10. I've only met 3 online pals over the last 15 years of me being on the web. Always fun.

    I have a group of gals with whom I've emailed almost daily for FOURTEEN YEARS...and we keep talking about doing a get-together, a "union", since we've never met in person as a group so no "re" about it. :) I'd love to do that. I long to do that. All of us in one hotel suite just jabbering away then hanging out and sightseeing together. Maybe a cruise?


    Lucky you and Rox...so nice to meet good people face to face.

  11. So fun!! And you, Ms. Anne, are on my bucket list!! Before I kick the proverbial bucket, I hope to meet you face to face. You are good people and it would be a pleasure to share a cup of coffee and some good conversation with you. If your travels ever bring you to Chicagoland, just know that the welcome mat's out and the door's open!

    Hope you have a fun and safe trip to Arkansas. I'll be watching for your pictures!

  12. Missed your blog for a few days. Love the fact that you met another blogger and hit it off. Fantastic! The Sidewalk Ends, isn’t that a Shel Silverstein book?? Also love the Security and other streets pictures.

    Finally, I LOVE the pictures of you then and now!

  13. Very cool that you two met up! Love the coffee cup tripod - ingenious!

  14. It was Miss Roxie's idea!
    She's a natural!


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