17 November 2010

not in arkansas anymore, toto

Just another beautiful scene In Arkansas

World-famous Duck Tour in Hot Springs

A mineral light - very popular

Downtown windows

A little diner where I had lunch

Have you ever seen this?
Honey House Bee Bar Lotion?
It's solid! And great!

Hot Springs has all kinds of little hotels

 A view from an observation tower

What a cute shirt you have on today, Nurse Anne!
Why, thank you very muchly and Wickedly!

Another Delight

The road to Friendship is never too long!
Miss you!

 Getting back to the un-reality that is my life....
My boss says "You can sleep when you are dead."
Little does she know. So, I work!

Hope your day is going greatly!
Thanks, everyone,  for going along
on another great trip!


  1. love you taking us on your travels, miss you too.
    hugs, heey

  2. Now that was one cool trip. I so wish I was there with you. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us :)

  3. Thank you so much for taking us along!!!

    I like those mineral lights, never seen one before.

  4. We all enjoyed your vacation very much...thanks for letting us tag along! ;-)

  5. Arkansas certainly lived up to its reputation of beauty. You did a great job bringing it to the rest of us, Anne. Thanks! I really enjoyed that.

    Do you feel refreshed?

  6. It is so beautiful. I thinks hubs and I may have to plan a road trip there.

    Come home. Texas misses you. :)

  7. What a wonderful virtual vacation! Thanks!

  8. I love the photo from the observation deck. Infact, I love every photo from your point of view. The world looks so beautiful & fun through your eyes.

    You may be lowCarb but you are High on Beauty :)

  9. I hope your time away on such a fun trip brings you home safe and rested. the bee bar lotion is interesting.

  10. While in Hot Springs, you should have laid a wreath at the Velda Rose, the hotel where I was conceived. It's pretty much just a Sh*t shrine these days...

  11. Didn't know you were on the Jack Sh*t roots tour did you?

  12. I have one of those lights! It was a reward I chose for myself for finishing a Challenge last year, and I just love it. Gives off a golden glow. Every morning I turn it on, and remember "I earned this". Very nice morning ritual. :-)


  13. Hot Springs has lotsa little hotels/motels, there is a Bill Clinton joke just around the corner I'm sure.

  14. I travel for my job. I think I've been to Arkansas once or twice. Looking at these pictures, it makes me want to go back there. But not for work!


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