15 November 2010

my fellow oz-ians

The big day finally came!

Fourth Row Seats
Every show was sold-out!

The drummer has his own fan club

"Every show, every town!" he says...

Curtains up for a great show!

But, after the show, they made an announcement:

The cast, still in costume, went in 
and through, and amongst the audience....

Twice a year, Actors Equity Association 
(Broadway Caresdoes this, to raise $$ for AIDS
And this was one of the times!

So I actually got to go backstage at Wicked!
For a donation - for a great cause, of course!

Kevin (this guy) says "No cameras backstage"
for copyright reasons. Plus people were dressing.
Getting ready for the next show.
(I was at the matinee...)

But I did get to see all the props and gizmo things and everything!
They had all kinds of cute silly little things all over the place!

The whole town has Wicked Fever!

Wish wish wish you were here!!
There's no place like home, eh?


  1. The perfect ending for a perfect day!

  2. Glad you had fun and supported a good cause!

    As far as the Kay's Naturals Sweet BBQ Mix, the nutritional particulars are here: http://www.dietdirect.com/kays-naturals-protein-chips-snacks.html

    The protein/carb is nicely balanced, and ith as 5 sugars per bag of 120 cals.

    I love salty, and when I have a really salty craving, this sort of snack cuts it.

    Kay's has really nice protein cereals--the vanilla is my fave, but the apple cinnamon is nice, like Apple Jacks for grownups. :D

    Thanks for the visit!

  3. how fun!!!
    I have never been to see wicked, so you would recommend it??? Yes??


  4. Oh my goodness!! That's is so cool! Backstage while supporting a great cause...can't beat it!

    So did you love the show? Hope the rest of your vacation is awesome, while you're "defying gravity!"

  5. How moist were you ? Awesome day...

  6. Allan -
    Would that be "Whiz -O- Mania"
    From water drinking?!
    Instead of "WiZ" as in the Wizard!?
    Or both?

  7. Wow Anne what a great thing to happen for your Birthday!!! I just can't stop smiling for you *big hug*.

  8. SWEET!!! Im so glad you got the extra-fun after the show! Id love to have seen all that..."behind the curtain" stuff too!

  9. Oh Girlfriend you know how to create wonderful memories!

  10. This must have been so thrilling! I got tickets to Wicked for my family's Christmas gift this year... so I'll be going to our January show here. Everyone is so excited about it!

  11. I loved it!! I saw it when it came through St. Louis. So jealous of your close seats!

  12. Totally awesome!!! What a wonderful afternoon. 4th row seats, to boot. Lucky girl.

  13. It looks fantastic. Like a great time.

    I'll be back next week.

  14. Now I could really enjoy a day like this one. So glad you had such a great time.....:-)Hugs

  15. How exciting!!! I would love to see Wicked!! I am glad you had a great time!

  16. So very cool that you got to interact with the cast members - what a perfect show experience!

  17. The whole town DID have Wicked Fever!!! I had it too and saw the show last Thursday. I was thrilled and loved how the Center had the green lights outside. This totally changes my perspective on the WOZ -- I'll never watch it the same way again.


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